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Monday, April 30, 2012

Organizing My Greeting Cards

I finally found a better solution for my greeting cards I make. I wanted to be able to make a bunch of cards to save for when I need one quickly and don't have the time to make one. The system I was using before didn't hold that many cards and it was bending them when I put the lid on to store.. So I found a better solution.. A crate with some hanging file folders. Now I have several categories instead of just a few which now makes it even easier to find what I am looking for and quickly..



And the best part, I can add and delete folders when needed. I still have some more in the back of the crate if I ever want to add new categories.. I'm really loving this new system..

Easter Day Fun-Glowing Eggs

On Easter after we returned from church the boys colored Easter eggs. This was the first year that they did it by themselves so it was neat to see their creations after they completed them.


That evening I wanted to do something different with egg hunting. Our yard isn't really designed to hide eggs as we don't have any trees, shrubs etc so this year, I bought plastic eggs and glow sticks from the Dollar Store and broke them all and stuffed them into the eggs to have a glow in the dark Easter hunt. We did one hunt outside and then came inside to hide them.



The house was literally pitch black and all the boys had were small flashlights to guide them.


Yes, it was dark, my flash was VERY bright. Which made it even harder for them. Everytime I took a picture the flash went off, and as you can tell by the above photo, hubby got involved by shining a very bright light at them to deter them from seeing the glowing eggs.. It was so fun to watch..


When your kids are 10 and 13 you have to get creative since traditional easter egg hunting can be a bit, well... boring so this year they had a blast and we took the eggs that night and lined their rooms with them and they got to fall asleep to a glowing egg room.. They told us the next day they want to do it again like this next year!!

You've Been EGGed

I found on Pinterest a great idea to EGG a neighbor.. No... not REAL eggs but plastic eggs with candy and treats inside.


Purchased some baskets, plastic eggs, puzzles and candy. I saw also on Pinterest things to put in your plastic eggs that's not candy and saw to put puzzle pieces in, and then they gather them up and build it.


Also printed out a "We've been Egged" scroll and a poem that goes with it.

We then waited until our neighbors weren't home and 'decorated' their front yard with eggs.


My youngest son above keeping the eggs in the yard. We chose a REALLY windy day and the eggs were light so they ended up being placed in a clump in three different places to keep them secure.

I then had my oldest son put the basket with the scroll/poem/puzzle box in a bag on their door..

It said to make it annonymous but we told them who we are in one of the eggs.. It said Happy Easter from the ---- family.

They told us the next day that they got home in the dark and were happy to go out with flashlights to look for all the eggs.. They had a blast.. We hope to do something like this again next year but pick a different friend..

Easter Snacks

On the days leading up to Easter Sunday the boys and I did some 'yummy' crafts each day starting on the Thursday before Easter.
On Thursday we discussed the pretzel and how it's a symbol of prayer, then we made some yummy pretzels. We then read about Jesus' prayer in the garden in Luke 22:39-46.

On Friday, we discussed that the Roman soldiers made Jesus a crown of thorns to wear so we made a Crown of Thorns snack and then read about the crown in John 19:2 and then read about the better crown we all will receive because of what Jesus did in James 1:12




On Good Friday we discussed Jesus' death and made hot cross buns for a snack. We then read about Jesus' work on the cross in Philippians 2:5-11



On Saturday evening, I made these Resurrection Empty Tomb treats so they could have them first thing on Easter morning.


Resurrection Grass Tomb Craft

I am really behind in posting about Easter. A few days before the actual holiday the boys and I put together a Resurrection grass tomb.


These are the supplies we used to put it together. I found this idea on Pinterest and I now can't find the direct link of who put this together originally. Sorry.. We used berry wheat so it would grow quicker than regular grass. We had a nice grassy area within 3 days. It was awesome.


Day One- it's all put together and watered.


The next morning you can see they already sprouted.


48 hours later


3 day later and just in time for Easter...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Down Another Size...

Today is going down in the record books for me. I just purchased my first size 6 jeans. I wore a size 6 when I met my husband almost 16 yrs ago and then after having my first son, I've never seen this again. Well today I am getting into a size 6..


After I get to my goal weight, will I go and spend the money for my wardrobe to match a size 6. I've just went through two sizes in just a few short months and it's hard for the pocket book.. Size 10 and then to an 8. But I am so not complaining..
It just felt so good to purchase one pair for now and to know that they fit.. I will just work on wearing a belt until I get to my goal weight of just 8 more pounds.. sooooo close!!!
I'm not sure if I want to lose more weight when I hit that goal. I originally wanted to get down to 120 lbs which is what I weighed when I met my husband, but ironically I am 13 lbs heavier and still wear the same size as I did then. That's a huge sign that I am a lot more fit than I've ever been. I have muscle now and not just flab and fat. So because of that I am looking at how my clothes fit, the size of my clothes and then go from there. I don't want to be a bean pole. I want to be muscular, fit, lean and happy with how my body looks in the mirror.. And I want to be a good runner. I want runner's legs... lean, mean and ready for any exercise I want to throw at them..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Whimsy Jar Exchange

A couple weeks ago I participated in my very first whimsy jar exchange on the Homeschool Lounge. That was really fun putting together a jar full of goodies for another homeschool mama.. I loved shopping for her because she had all the same likes and hobbies as me.. Here is the jar I made her..


A little glance inside the jar almost full of her goodies...I had a couple rolls of ribbon to the top..



A couple of photos of two of the sides before the lid went on..


Another side view as I put some pretty pink tulle inside to keep everything secure on it's trip in the mail..

Here's my finished whimsy jar decorated with pink tulle and I tied the top with lace ribbon and a cute ribbon/button bow..

Friday, April 13, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge April Goals

3in30 Challenge

If you'd like to join in on the 3 in 30 Challenge, just click on the banner above to get more info and to link up your goals for the month.

My 3 goals I'll be working on for April are below:

1. Projects- I was needing to work on the projects I have purchased my materials for. This has not gone as smoothly as I'd wanted it to but I still have time to tackle this so I'm not too worried. I did get my binder organized which was the biggest task because it was housing all my ideas on what I'm going to do with all the materials I have set aside..

2. Blogging- My goal was to get caught up on my blogging. It actually seems like I now have double what I'd like to post on here to get caught up so I hope to work on some blogging this weekend.

3. Homeschooling- My goal was to get my homeschooling stuff organized for 2012-2013 yr. I have all the copies done that I need for next school yr and plan to put together the file box this weekend. All the curriculum I purchased has arrived so I will be going through it all to make sure if I've missed anything to copy and make sure all the books are organized. The second part of this goal was to figure out if I will be joining the local co-op this yr. I still haven't tried it out yet. I was hoping to do that this Monday but haven't heard back from the coordinator of the group to accept us for a visit so this is on hold until I hear back..

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3 in 30 Challenge April Goals

3in30 Challenge

If you'd like to join in on the 3 in 30 Challenge, just click on the banner above to get more info and to link up your goals for the month.

My 3 goals I'll be working on for April are below:

1. Projects- I have projects that I purchased the supplies for and now I need to get them done. I have them all in a nice tote ready to be completed so I would like to tackle this tote this month and see if I can get it empty..

2. Blogging- I need to make more time to blog about my daily life and my family. I have a lot of posts that I have written down that I'd like to put up on my blog but haven't put the time aside to do them. I would like to get caught up on all my blog posts that I have written down by the end of the month.

3. Homeschooling- This is two fold- I have just purchased all my curriculum for the year. It's slowly trickling into my home and will all be here within the next week or so. I need to make room for all of this. I also have a new system I'll be implementing come Fall w/ this curriculum and I will need to start assembling everything which includes making copies, lists and organizing. I would like to get this all completed by the end of the month. The other part to this is to check out my local co-op to see if it would be a good fit for my family this Fall. To look at it with an open mind and be honest about if it will be good/bad and to make a final decision on it by month's end.

So here are my April goals..

3 in 30 Challenge- March Wrapup

3in30 Challenge

I am so behind in posting on my blog.. I wanted to get caught up on how my month of March goals came along now that we've entered April.. WOW!

1. Organization- My goal for the month was to go through all the closets, drawers, cupboards and reorganize everything. I am very happy to say that I've completed my task. This was not easy.. The thrift store loved me when I was done.. I also sold some things on a local Facebook yard sale page. I hope to add a post about my organization with lots of pics when I can spare a bit to do so..

2. Health- This was to workout 5 days a week. I did pretty good with this. Didn't get to five but real close. The scale hasn't moved for me in awhile so it's a bit discouraging but I'm plugging along. I have just 10 more pounds to reach my ultimate goal of 135lbs.. I'm soooooo close.....

3. Marriage- hubby really liked this one even though he had no idea I wrote it down. I showed him his love language all month. I really enjoyed doing this for him.. I will definitely continue with this...
Now need to make a post on my April goals.. What fun!! oh ya!