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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sabino Canyon Hike-Tuscon, AZ

While on our 18 day vacation in Arizona we visited Sabino Canyon in Tuscon, AZ for a 10 mile hike. It was a very nice 'warm' day instead of the normal 100 degree day it was upper 80's. I loved this hike because it allowed us to really 'see' Arizona up close and personal, the cactus, wildlife (saw two roadrunners, lizards and a spider to name a few) and vegetation. You have an option to pay to ride the trolly up to the top but we decided to hike it all the way up and back.


Here's my hubby being silly at the 0 mile marker on the 3.7 mile trail..


Here's the family heading off onto the 1 mile trail up to a rest area at the top..


At the top of the 1 mile trail I saw this cool dead cactus.. I'm in love with Saquaro Cactus..


Before we started heading down back to the main paved trail we had to get a picture of me and my beautiful daughter in front of my favorite Saquaro cactus...


Before we hit the paved trail we noticed another dirt path to the south of it that went alongside so we decided to take this one as it was less traveled and we could see the canyon in a more natural environment. Along the way we stopped to use the restroom and just outside the building was this cool spider as we watched it molt right before our eyes. Hubby took this cool photo of the spider to the left and his molt on the right..



Stopping to get some water and rest for a few. This was such a beautiful spot to enjoy nature..


My DS13 enjoying a relaxing time next to a pond that was full of little fish. He was there watching them swim to the surface to check him out.


Saw this sign and thought it was funny.. It was next to all the bridges we crossed.

We jumped back onto the paved road at the 2 mile marker and just enjoyed the paved trail until we hit the 3.7 miles.. The TOP!


At the 3 mile marker.



3.7 miles. The kids were so happy when we reached the top. By this time we've already hiked 5.7 miles and now it's time to head back down..


On the way back to the visiter center we came across this cool rock formation. It looks like a face..

If we lived in Arizona I know I would be hiking and running in this canyon on a regular basis. It's beautiful and so much to see and so many trails to explore. Loved it!

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