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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dining Room Makeover Complete...

We are finally done with remodeling our dining room. This used to be the family room but we turned it into our dining room and made our original dining room our homeschool room. This has been a long process that we are so happy with the results. A lot of work and time went into this. We love it!

 photo 001.jpg
This is our room as a whole...  I already started putting up the wainscoting and the left wall was red, and now freshly painted here. It had wall to wall carpet.

 photo 013-001.jpg
Here is the red wall before..
 photo 004.jpg
My daughter cleaning out the vents before they came off to take out the carpet. I've already installed all the wainscoting in the room and the top portion of all the walls are freshly painted. You can see a little of our remodeled window. I'll show you a better one below..

 photo 021.jpg
The kids thought it would be fun to write their name on the floor with the date before the wood floors were installed.. They are standing by there names..

 photo 029.jpg
Here is our window before we redid it!

 photo 003.jpg
Wall before remodel

 photo 001-1.jpg

 photo 002.jpg
New window sills, window trim inside and out, freshly painted, wainscoting, chair moulding, crown moulding, floor trim and new handmade Roman shades. Don't forget the beautiful wood floors plus new lightswitch covers

 photo 005-1.jpg
That used to be our red wall.. Doesn't it look SO much better!!!

 photo 006.jpg
Here's a better angle of our old red wall. You can also see that we installed new door trim. We'll be getting new doors probably this Summer sometime.

 photo 001-LB.jpg
Here's the (old red) wall with my photo collage all hung up

 photo 007.jpg
Our other wall completed and photos hung

 photo 009.jpg
Our new light fixture hanging above our table.. I am so in love with this!!

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