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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Living Room Makeover- Part 1

Started on another part of the house. The living room! This room doesn't need much done to it so I felt like I could take on this task easier than the other rooms we've been working on. What the living room needed was:
  • New windowsill in all three windows
  • New interior and exterior window trim and then they all needed to be painted (Antique White)
  • Fresh paint on all walls
  • New floor trim
  • New shades that fit inside of window
  • New picture frames for all the new pictures I had developed
  • Bought new lamps for this room as well. Since it doesn't have any overhead lighting, it's now brighter in here since I only had one before..

 photo 008-1.jpg
Here is the window before we redid it. Ugly brown trim, very thin trim around the windows and it was also covered up by window treatments (mainly because it was ugly to look at)

 photo 009-1.jpg
Here is an after photo same angle as above. Freshly painted walls, new floor trim, new window exterior trim and interior trim. All are freshly painted

 photo 015.jpg
Here's another wall in my living room freshly painted, new floor moulding and my new picture frame collage all hung up..

 photo 012.jpg
Here is what my living room likes like right now.

 photo 014.jpg
Up close of our new window.. Lovin' it!!
Still need to do:
  • Paint two more walls and hang appropriate pictures and decorations
  • Put up the floor trim on those two walls
  • Finish painting the door trim around front, closet and bedroom doors
  • Put in new flooring in section by front door (this will be done when bathrooms/laundry room are completed
  • We will be putting crown moulding in this room as well to match dining room and kitchen
  • When room is all done I will shampoo all the carpets for a fresh look
Well that's my living room remodel as of right now. I'm loving the warmer feel the room has now that the walls are all the same color. They used to be three different colors. Light beige on two walls, a green wall and a medium tan wall..

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