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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Big Sis Comes For A Visit

One of the best things that came out of my daughter's graduation was my sister's visit. I haven't seen her face to face in 16 yrs. Yes, that's right... 16 long years. With my many moves, life, kids etc it's taken us that long to see each other again. Thursday before the graduation, my sister flew in from Colorado. She stayed for four days and left that following Monday.
We spent some time visiting and I showed her the sights here in town in between grad rehearsals, parties and cermonies.. I was so thankful to have her here. Not only because she's my big sis and I missed her all these years but she was a huge help with everything that was going on.. From prepping for the ceremony, rehearsal or party, she also helped me with my ex and his family. They came from South Carolina to watch my daughter graduate. What a true blessing it was to have her here..
 photo 11.jpg
This photo above was taken shortly after she arrived.. We were SO happy to see each other!!

 photo 010-1-1.jpg
Here we are above at Giant Springs State Park.. Home of "Giant Springs" of course, plus the shortest river in the country.. The Roe River.. It also houses a trout hatchery... It's breathtaking!

 photo 006-1.jpg
Along the Missouri River here in town, we have several dams, hence why our town is called "Great Falls"... Here above my sis and I are standing in front of Black Eagle Dam...

 photo 00-1.jpg
My sis, me and my daughter... Can you tell we are related???
I plan on visiting her this Summer in Colorado.. I can't wait because I don't ever want to wait like we've done in the past.. At least a once a yr visit. I go down one year and she comes up the next.. Looking forward to my next visit....

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