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Monday, May 20, 2013

Graduation Day Has Arrived

The day has finally arrived.. My baby girl is graduating high school.. I just can't get over that quite yet.. After many, many months planning and prepping for this day, it has arrived. The night before the grad ceremony we went to the church where the ceremony was to be held to set up her table. She could decorate with anything school related over the years.. She also had a walk through of the ceremony before we headed out for dinner with her father, grandparents, my sister and us..

 photo 017-1.jpg

Here she is above standing in front of her table with all her school stuff and pictures..
 photo 009-2.jpg

This above is the board we made. The middle has a school picture for each year from Preschool to Graduation. On the left side of the board are pictures of some of her art drawings, Lacrosse sports team she was involved with, music classes and the two Spring Fling proms she attended while homeschooling here. On the right is all the homeschooling activities she belonged to while living here and the bottom of the right side is her with her new van and a picture of her in front of the college she will be attending come fall...
 photo 021-1.jpg

Here is her table next to the Homeschool Class of 2013 sign... She had some albums her father brought from South Carolina, along with some awards she earned, her Lacrosse stick and a card for everyone to sign..
 photo 005-1.jpg

The day of the ceremony we got all dressed up and were so excited to celebrate my daughter's accomplishments! Here above is my sister and me before we headed to the church.. We didn't plan to both wear purple but it turned out quite nice...
 photo 028.jpg

Homeschool Graduating Class of 2013.. 9 total graduates. The girls wore white and the boys wore green. This is the colors of the homeschool sports teams.. My daughter is the fourth from the right..
 photo 020.jpg

My husband and I with our graduate!!
 photo 022.jpg

My daughter with my boys (her brothers)

 photo 046.jpg

For the homeschool graduation ceremony we were able to walk up and say a few words and hand the diploma over to our graduate. My ex husband is the one to the far left. I asked for him to say a few words to our daughter.. Here he is above with me, my husband and daughter...
 photo 048.jpg

After my ex spoke a few words, my husband said some things briefly and had the honor of handing her, her diploma.. Here I am trying REALLY hard not to bawl like a baby...
 photo 064.jpg

My graduate after the ceremony is over walking back with her hard earned diploma in hand!
 photo 072.jpg

My sis, daughter and me after the ceremony...
 photo 068.jpg

My entire family.. My three kiddos, hubby, me and big sis!!!
 photo 071-1.jpg

I was so happy to have my sister here to celebrate with us.. We are all so proud of all that my daughter has accomplished these past four years.. We all look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for her future!!! She is enrolled and ready to attend the University of Great Falls this Fall.. We are so proud of her!!!

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