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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Graduation Party Time..

After many months of planning, organizing, making and setting up.. The time has come. My daughter's graduation party.. With ordering balloons, finding a place to host the event, to making decorations, ordering food, finding accessories and more it's time to celebrate the reason for this event.. My baby graduated high school!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!

 photo 111.jpg
Since my ex husband, his younger daughter Ella (my DD18's little sister) and his parents all came from out of state. Hubby and I decided we didn't want them in our home so I found a room to rent at the old hospital in town. It's now a big office building with a Legion Hall. That's what we used. Here above is the entrance to the room. We set my daughter's grad table that she had at the ceremony at the entrance and I purchased three bouquets of grad balloons as they entered the room

 photo 078.jpg

 photo 079-1.jpg
Here above is the favor table and a place for gifts and cards for the grad.. You may recognize these favors as I showed you how I made them in an earlier post.. Each person attending received one.. It has some candy, grad bubbles and a thank you note on front..
 photo 097.jpg
I posted earlier about my table decorations I made.. Here is one of them up close.

 photo 106.jpg
My beautiful cupcake tower that I made displaying the cupcake toppers I made as well..

 photo 088.jpg
 photo 089.jpg
Food display.. I decided to order my food through Walmart Deli and then I brought a crockpot to add hotdogs for those who would like them. My wonderful sister cut up all the fruit and veggies since she suggested fresh was better.. I totally agree.. 
 photo 077.jpg
 photo 095.jpg

 photo 086.jpg
You can see the food tables in the background. I used grad tablecloths purchased at the dollar store
 photo 099.jpg
Colored tablecloths, the 2013 sign and crepe paper was all purchased from the dollar store. Each table had large 2013 confetti I purchased at Party America along with some Thank You mints scattered..

 photo 098.jpg
Here is the room totally decorated. We were running late that day getting everything set up and items needing picked up at the store. Hubby put all the hanging decorations up while I picked up balloons and food. I then came back and put together the tablesets that you see.. I love how it all turned out!
 photo 157.jpg
Everybody having a great time at the party!! My brother with two of his kiddos came from Washington to celebrate with us.. And a few of my local friends and their families came as well. We had a blast!
 photo 161.jpg
Three of my dear friends and me!!
 photo 124.jpg
Ok.. here's where the fun begins.. I wanted to do a photo booth or area where we could take photos.. The room we rented had another smaller room off to the side so this made for the PERFECT photo booth. I purchased two large wooden frames as you can see above. Painted one silver, the other gold..
Here my sis and I are posing using the frames.. I also purchased several bright tablecovers from the Dollar Store that matched my daughter's color theme. Hung them up like draped along the back wall as you can see above and below here.. 

 photo 126-1.jpg
See.. my sis loves me..
 photo 131.jpg
Found some sparkly GRAD glasses at the Dollar Store.. Here my daughter is being silly hiding behind one of the tablecovers and I'm holding up a frame..

 photo 138.jpg
My dear daughter and I 

 photo 139.jpg
Love this photo.. got to love my sis coming in at the last minute.. PEACE!! 

 photo 151.jpg
One of the best parts of this day outside of my daughter celebrating her graduation was having my brother, me and my sister together!! My big sis grew up in a different home. She's 5 yrs older than me and 3 yrs older than my brother. She is my dad's daughter. She grew up with her step dad and biological mother (my dad's ex) when she was 3.
I grew up with my brother as we share both parents together. I knew of my sister when I turned 11 but was unable to contact her until I left my parents home when I was 16. I found my sister shortly after I left my home and I've had her in my life ever since. Well after all these yrs we have never been in the same room together.. All three of us so this was monumental and what a wonderful celebration it was!!!! 

 photo 153.jpg
Memories are being made here!! My siblings all together!! I love them so much!! Sis, brother and me! 

 photo 179.jpg
The kids had a blast taking photos in the booth.. My daughter even used her cap and gown as props.. We took tons of photos and made lots of memories.. I'm so proud of my daughter for all that's she's accomplished and I'm so glad that all her friends and family could be there for her special day!! I loved planning it and giving her these memories.. Congrats my beautiful daughter. You deserved it!! Love You!

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