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Thursday, July 11, 2013

God's Beauty...

I've been kinda blue lately. A lot has gone on this past June into July. I will post more hopefully tomorrow about it since it's a little late tonight to type a deep thoughtful post. I just thought I'd share a couple photos of something I saw this evening while I was out watering the lawn.

God's handywork

A beautiful circular rainbow. It was breathtaking. It felt as if God was talking to me directly. Whispering in my ear that my troubles are small, my worries should be given to Him, laid upon His feet.. That's what I need to focus on.. I hope these pictures bring you comfort this evening and you too can see the beauty in God's Rainbow! 
 photo 003-abc1_zps8172a874-1.jpg
 photo 004-abc2_zpse89f7a97-1.jpg

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