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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rolodex Bday Calendar Tutorial

It has been a really busy Summer for me. ( I will add a separate post on what's been happening shortly). I've been tackling a lot of projects at home getting my life more organized so thought I'd share this project I just finished..
Organizing birthdays and anniversaries rolodex holder
 photo 009-3.jpg
For the longest time, I've had my anniversaries and birthdays written in my planner book by the month but recently I've decided to change up my planner to something else (still in progress) and take these out and now needed somewhere to put them. I came across this idea from a Pinterest post of someone selling these and thought "Hey, I can do this!"...
You will need a Rolodex from Staples, Office Max or any office supply store. You will need some punches. Mine are from Stampin Up.. The Label Punch,  Scallop Punch, and Sizzix Card, Telephone & Address Diecut. (if you can't find this last diecut, you could just use the refills that you buy for the Rolodex) I chose to do it this way because I could use my own colored cardstock and this paper is thicker than what you can buy at the store premade.

 photo 003-1.jpg
  • I punched out 12 scallop circles in my own choice of colors
  • Punched out using the label punch 12 matching colored backgrounds that will go behind the months of the year
  • Using my printer, I typed up the 12 months of the year making sure it fit within the label punch

 photo 005-2.jpg
Using the same colors as the labels I took the Sizzix card, telephone & address diecut and punched out 12 dividers

 photo 006-3.jpg
Then glued on the scallop circles mixing up the colors for each months divider as shown above

 photo 007-3.jpg
Adding the monthly labels with the colored labels behind acting as a shadow, then glued to the scalloped paper as shown above

 photo 010-2.jpg
This is where the fun begins. I decorated each months divider with what I had lying around my crafting room. I had a blast decorating these.. Above is January..

 photo 011-1.jpg
February divider- All about Love

 photo 012-1.jpg
March divider- Patty's Day Fun

 photo 013.jpg
April's Divider

 photo 014.jpg
May's Divider- April Showers Bring May Flowers...

 photo 015-1.jpg
June Divider- Summer Flower Fun

 photo 016.jpg
July Divider- America's Birthday

 photo 017-2.jpg
August Divider- Summer Flower Fun

 photo 018.jpg
September Divider- Harvest Time

 photo 019-1.jpg
October Divider- Fall is in the Air

 photo 020-1.jpg
November Divider- Turkey Time

 photo 021.jpg
December Divider- It's Winter Time

 photo 022-1.jpg
Here is what it looks like from the side all completed. The fun part about the dividers is you can create it as fancy or as simple as you like it. I used the already premade rolodex refills for the actual birthdays and anniversaries because the paper is thinner than what I would of made them so all of them fit within the dividers without making them too bulky.. I love it!
Now its open to the month that were in so I can see right away the upcoming bday's and anniversaries to where I'll need to send them out and when.. 

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