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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Roman Shade Tutorial

 I've got projects galore I'm working on here at my house.. but today I'd like to post about my homemade Roman Shades I made for my dining room and kitchen. After we put in new windowsills, beefed up the interior and exterior trim around the windows, I knew I needed something to showcase all our hard work. I didn't want it covered up by drapes like we've had in the past. Back then though I hated my windows so that was totally ok with me.. Now I LOVE THEM!!!
So here is some photos of how I made my roman shades.. I followed the directions from a website called Jen Duncan. She had a wonderful tutorial with pictures and step by step directions on how she made them. I tweeked mine a little from hers.  
Because my windows were bigger than hers I had to add more rings. I did follow her directions and added the third cord down the center. I highly recommend you doing that if your window is wider than 22". Mine are 24 1/2 inches wide and I have the third cord and it looks awesome!
I couldn't find the metal rod at my local hardware store to put at the base of the shade for weight so I substituted it with a wooden dowel.. Works like a charm..
She stitched all four sides together and then used a cutting blade to open the side bottom to slide the metal rod, I just left the top open and slid the wooden dowel through that and secured it by stitching the dowel on the top. 

 photo 017-1.jpg

 photo 016-1.jpg

Instructions on How to Make the Roman Shade:
 photo 019-1.jpg

You'll take the backing material (mine is room darkening fabric you can buy on the big long poles at JoAnn's by the drapery fabric) and your chosen fabric and stitch them alongside three of the four sides leaving the bottom side open. Giving yourself about 1/2" seam

 photo 020-1.jpg

You'll then want to place your dowel rod or metal rod through the open top and slide it all the way to the bottom of the stitched curtain

 photo 021-3.jpg

You'll then stitch just above the dowel rod all the way across to secure the rod in place
 photo 023-1.jpg

After that is secure you will want to iron your fabric to make sure all the edges are pressed straight and firm and there is no visible wrinkles in your fabric

 photo 032-2.jpg
Time to place your rings on the back side of your shade.. I would recommend going to Jen Duncan's blog post HERE to get directions on how to place these on your shade. She has pictures and instructions there

 photo 033-3.jpg

I then added my decorative trim to the bottom by sewing it by hand over the dowel rod

You will then lay your 1/4" wood piece down onto the open portion of your shade. Follow the directions at Jen Duncan's post HERE for a picture of this plus how to install the cording. I forgot to take a photo of this step.. You will screw in your two screws which will go through the top of the inside of your window to secure your shade and then you will also need to secure your two to three eyelet rings for the cords.
After that is all done, you will then take your cord, tie it off at the bottom ring and then loop through up the line to the top. Do this for each row and then loop through each eyelet off to the side. I had mine go to the right side of my window where I secured my cleat about half way up the bottom half of the window..

 photo 005-3.jpg

Here is one set of windows in my dining room all completed
 photo 002-2.jpg
Here is my kitchen window all completed. I chose a similar patterned fabric but wanted it to be a little different. Both rooms are close together so I wanted it to be similar..

This was posted on one of my other blogs. The reason behind the photos w/ a different name on them. They are my sole property and not for use by any other person without written permission

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