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Monday, August 5, 2013

Our 2013-14 Curriculum

It's that time of year again. Prepping and planning for Back to School.. I can't believe how quickly Summer has come and now almost gone. We start up in a couple more weeks.. August 19th.
This is a very different year for our family. My oldest is now a Freshman at College as she graduated back in May. My middle child DS14 will be heading to public high school for his freshman year (he's been homeschooled from K-8) so we will just have one kiddo at home to homeschool this year. My youngest will be entering 6th grade..

My youngest has been using Heart of Dakota for the past two years which I absolutely love but the next book in the series is a little too much for him so we will be taking one yr off and catch up on the next book for his grade 7 middle school year.
Here is what we will be using for him..
my husband was the math teacher for many yrs but he's been doing a lot of out of state work trips lately so I thought using the DIVE CD will help my son when he's not here to teach him
This curriculum teaches bible, literature and history all in one. It also does creative writing but we will not be doing that part this year as I feel it's a bit to old for my 6th grader. This curriculum is geared for grades 5-8 and some of it is meant more for the middle grades and I feel this is one of them. This curriculum will be teaching my son about the US government from presidents, the constitution and more..
First Semester:
Second Semester:
Language Arts:
I'm looking forward to using this. I love the Charlotte Mason approach and all other curriculum I've been looking to use this year just seemed too complicated to teach.
I chose the first book because we really haven't spent much time on spelling like we should. I felt if he wants to work quickly through this then I will order Book B.
Along with the spelling book I thought this vocabulary book looked wonderful. It shows not only vocabulary study but also more words to learn how to spell..
I picked this one this year to go along with our America study for history.
Extra Curricular:
This is an old school book that shows you how to use a typewriter but we will adapt it to a computer keyboard to teach him how to type.
Science and Robots Club
He will meet once a week for a semester with other homeschoolers to learn about robotics and science while building-
Two printed circuit boards in one
Two transistors
Four resistors
One Reset Switch
Four LED's
One battery box
They plan to cover Electronics from a science perspective.
Printed circuit boards

Go check out other homeschoolers that are sharing their curriculum with you over at

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  1. Hey hey-see you and I are again doing the same science :) great minds think alike! LOL Haven't heard of the Uncle Sam thing-gonna look into that and boy wish we were near you cuz I know Doug would love that science and robotics club too. Have a great year pal!


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