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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I love decorating for the holidays. Whether Autumn decorating or Christmas decorating I enjoy preparing my house for the season. I thought it would be nice to share some of the special decorations on my blog this Christmas.  

 photo DSCF0174_zpse62f44e1.jpg
Hanging from my entertainment center is my Advent boxes. My "Kiss for a Kiss" Advent that I've done with my kids for many many years. They are all older now. One grown (19), the middle almost 15 and my youngest almost 12 but they still want to do it so I'm one happy mama. I place a chocolate kiss for each kiddo (they choose the flavor) in each day's box. They come and give me a nice little kiss on the cheek and they get a chocolate kiss..
It's wonderful to get a little affection for your children even when they are grown or teenagers.... (smiles)

 photo DSCF0176_zps0f0ccdd8.jpg
Thought I'd show off my JCPenney Mickey Globe collection. I've been collecting these for 14 yrs. That's right. Each year I would wake up at the crack of dawn and go down and get my free globe. Last year they didn't pass out the ornaments so I didn't do any after Thanksgiving shopping. This year JCPenney was open Thanksgiving evening but said they weren't going to pass out the globes until 3am. I went down there early evening to ask why they chose that time when the store was open all night. The lady was so kind. She not only gave me this year's globe but she also gave me last years globe. The ones they didn't pass out to customers. She said there was a new CEO last year and that person didn't want to give them out even though they were already made.. I was one very happy person when I walked out with both.. She made my day!

 photo DSCF0184_zps7aabf731.jpg
Last to show you is my Christmas Tree. I think I got a good picture this year showing off the lights plus my newly remodeled room that it's in.. Love it!

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