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Monday, December 30, 2013

Chronological Life Application Study Bible

Chronological Life Application Study Bible
New Living Translation
“A refreshing way to experience God’s story; a trusted way to apply it to your life.”
I've read the bible in it's entirety, cover to cover, but really wanted to dig into the word chronologically. Hearing the stories unfold as they were being told. I've been looking for the right bible to do this and came across this one to review and jumped at the opportunity. I am not disappointed.
This book is not just the bible. It's everything you need to learn about God, to absorb, and to grow closer to God. All in one.
Why is this Bible Unique?
In today's society, we struggle to not only find time to sit and read the Bible daily but also have a tough time relating to the historical words in our day to day lives. This Application Bible helps us apply God's Word to today, to our own lives.
It contains all 66 books of the Bible, divided into 10 eras of biblical history. The books are intermingled to show how the stories actually unfold. Chronologically. Using this will allow you to understand the larger story we often miss, reading the bible in the way it's formatted now. Putting letters, prophets etc together.
Features of the Chronological Life Application Study Bible

 photo DSCF0469_zps6f40dd1f.jpg
Chronological Header System
Which will allow you to know where you are in the story of the Bible
Has a custom made outline designed specifically from an application point of view
Offers several explanatory notes that helps you understand culture, context, history, difficult to understand passages, background, places and relationship of various passages
This bible has more maps than any other. A thorough Bible atlas built in to each Bible section

 photo DSCF0470_zps9b27ea56.jpg
Illustrated Verses
Photos appear throughout the bible illustrating important verses
Section Introductions
This includes- Overview, Timeline, People and Culture, Books in this Section, Article, Megathemes, and Map
There are three types of timelines. Master Timeline, Detailed Timeline, Running Timeline

 photo DSCF0471_zps1e0e7827.jpg
Archaeological Notes
Features full color images and highlight places, discoveries, historical artifacts that put the Bible into real historical context
Charts and Diagrams
Helps readers better visualize difficult concepts or relationships
Personality Profiles
Collection of profiles of Bible people. Their strengths, weaknesses, greatest accomplishments, mistakes and key lessons from their lives

 photo DSCF0473_zps88db907a.jpg
Full Color Illustrations

 photo DSCF0474_zps7ba220d7.jpg
A Complete Biblical Timeline in full color and easy to read, follow and understand
My Thoughts on This Bible:
All I can say is WOW! I've never come across any Bible with this much information, beautiful illustrations, easy to understand format, jam-packed with everything I need to better understand the Bible in chronological order. I'm looking forward to reading this cover to cover in 2014.
You can learn more about this awesome Bible by visiting their website HERE

I received this Bible free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review of this product. No other compensation was given

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