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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Surprise Party.. Oh Ya!

My hubby just celebrated his 41st birthday on Sunday. Last year I wanted to throw him a surprise party but he insisted he didn't want a party so I decided against it.. BUT.. this year I really wanted to do it. I just couldn't find an excuse to get him out of the house on his day off from work so I could set up and get folks over. I was about to give up until I went over my friends house on Saturday and her husband suggested taking my hubby out to see the Hobbit while I set up the house for the surprise party..
I was SOOO excited. It was a go! I contacted my friends via email that night and asked if they could come over on short notice.. I was so happy when they said they could.. (they are awesome)!
So hubby leaves at noon for the 3 hour movie and I leave to get decorations, cake, balloons and food. 2 hours later, I'm home with my neighbor, friend helping me get the decorations put up and ready for everyone to arrive 30 minutes later. 

 photo DSCF0585_zpse5b10796.jpg

Hubby told me he disliked the Over The Hill theme so I found this awesome "Vintage Dude" theme and loved it.. I also purchased a matching balloon along with one with the grim reaper on it saying "Relax, I'm Only Hear For the Cake".. He chuckled at that..

 photo DSCF0588_zps6d74d9b1.jpg

 photo DSCF0589_zpsfc33ae7a.jpg

So here we are, all ready to say "SURPRISE" when he arrives...

 photo DSCF0591_zps7001ed0f.jpg

And VOILA!! I got him!! He was totally surprised and his face is priceless!!!!

 photo DSCF0594_zpsc1c8dd25.jpg

 photo DSCF0604_zps31eee871.jpg

Cake time. He has two favorite cake flavors.. This one- German Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake. He wants me to rotate them each year..

 photo DSCF0582_zpsc252ead7.jpg
Found this cool matching Authentic Vintage Dude hat. The back says "Sharp Shooter".. I also added a cute blinking "Aged to Perfection" button...

 photo DSCF0592_zps29f9e87d.jpg 
Here he is sporting the cool hat and button

 photo DSCF0598_zps0f7c2154.jpg
Just like my kiddos, I must have a picture taken with the birthday 'boy'....

 photo DSCF0609_zps4963348f.jpg
 photo DSCF0610_zps166109f4.jpg
A couple gifts we got him... I also got him a gift card to Scheel's sporting goods so he will spend money on himself....
I'm so happy that this turned out like it did. Everything fell into place just right. Got it all put together in 3 hours.. Very impressive I might add and my hubby was really happy... YEH!!!

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