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Thursday, March 6, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 168-189

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One Thousand gift at a time...

I'm going to try something different this month. Up to this point I've been following along with Ann's journal guide on what to post on each day. This month I'm going to add 21 gifts that are personal to me each week. I feel this is a better fit for me for the month of March as we are taking an Unplugged Challenge. No TV, video games, movies and social media. ( I was going to eliminate the internet for the month but with reviewing books/curriculum, it wasn't possible and my daughter needs it for school, so we've said NO to any social media outside my personal blog, and just surfing the net. Email and Homeschool/book Review stuff only

168. Playing Pictionary as a family
169. Reading to my son before bed
170. Making muffins for the family
171. Had an ice storm roll in this morning so buses were canceled. Son wanted to attend school once everything thawed so his sister took him for the 2nd half of the day.
172. Planning an egg hunt with glow in the dark eggs. (review is upcoming)
173. My husband arriving in Yuma, Arizona safely for his 2 week work trip
174. Starting the Bible in 90 Days for the 2nd time.
175. Being able to share my bible in 90 days experience this time with a friend as we are doing it together and watching the videos and discussions once a week
176. Seeing 50 + degree temps for the past two days as we've been sitting at 10-20 degree weather for almost 2 weeks with almost a foot of snow.
177. Being able to run outside, two days in a row and enjoying the warm son on my skin
178. Playing UNO with the kids before bed
179. Eating dinner together at our dining table each night
180. Our attitudes towards each other is improving
181. Youth group for the boys
182. Making my son a crocheted blanket for his birthday
183. Watching "Captivated" documentary and have it change my life for the good
184. Learning new fraction facts as I go over an upcoming review. It's amazing what you forget when you don't use those skills
185. Trying a new church on Sunday and feeling the Holy Spirit surrounding you.
186. Having lunch date with all the family at Wheat Montana and everyone enjoying each others company
187. Taking the kids to the library, and Barnes and Noble as we spend time with each other
188. Listening to my 14 yr old as he tells me about his day
189. Allowing my 12 yr old to share his thoughts without interruption and have him come to me and say "Mom, you're the only one who will just sit there and listen..thank!"

Return next Wednesday for my next installment of One Thousand Gifts....
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