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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Brinkman Adventures Season 2 Review

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My family has had the opportunity to receive a downloaded MP3 version of 
as part of the Homeschool Review Crew.

My son DS12 loves listening to stories on CD. When I saw the opportunity to introduce a new series to him, he was very excited to listen to it. When I realized I was receiving this season, I purchased the first season for my son to listen in sequential order. I have not had the opportunity to listen to the first season but my son has and absolutely loves it. This review will contain information and opinions in regards to Season 2 at this time. Please check out their website to learn more about Season 1. After I down loaded the MP3 file, I gave it to my son to listen to. Since he loves listening to stories on tape, he devoured all the episodes within 2 days.

A Little About The Brinkman Adventures

The stories portrayed in this series are based off real life events. The names of the characters have been changed but the voices are of the real people. When I heard about this, it made listening more of an 'adventure' for me. Since I love to read historical fiction books, I felt this was similar in nature to reading one of those books. A great way to see inside those around us while entertaining us.

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Season 2 starts out 3 years after Season 1. During this time they went on several missions and their youngest, Hope became a part of their family. The first episode (which is Episode 13 in the series) starts out at the grave sight of their lost twin boys. After the family pays their respects on the date the children were due to be born, the story brings them home as they prepare for a trip to Belize.

The adventure takes them on finding an owner of a class ring they found in a nearby lake. Wanting to use it to gather money for an auction, they decided it was important to find the owner before going forward. Traveling on their bus, they travel to Galveston, TX to see if they can locate the owner.

The next three episodes continues there journey in Galveston, TX, staying with John Benti and his wife Donna. The power of the Holy Spirit in these wonderful true adventures brings such a positive uplifting feeling as I listen to each of them. A powerful testimony to how wonderful our creator is and that nothing is impossible with God.

Would you believe that God would bring an angel to help you? That's what may have happened in the 3rd episode with the lady in the blue hat. In episode 4, God was all around them when John needed help finding buildings to open churches overseas. The children were stranded next to FAMY, the alligator and God was there with them.

Episode 5 takes the Brinkman's into Mexico to deliver the bus to the school in Belize. An adventure takes place on the road so you don't want to miss that episode. In Episode 6 you will learn about the schoolhouse in a tree which ties in episode 1 and the school curriculum. Each episode reveals God's hand in everything that is being done with adventure to draw in kids of all ages and a message that will keep you smiling long after you stop listening.

My Son's Thoughts on this Series:

My son loved each episode. He said his favorite one is about the school in the tree episode stating he wished we had a tree in our yard so we could build a tree fort and he could do his homeschooling in there during the warmer months. He stated that he's listened to both seasons three times now and can't wait to purchase Season 3 when it comes out. This is now one of his favorite stories on tape series. He says 2 thumbs up!

You don't want to miss this great adventure series. Wholesome, God centered, adventures that will delight the entire family.

 The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis.
The set includes 4 CD's which includes 12 episodes and 5 + hours of listening pleasure
The suggestive price is $25.00.

The Brinkman Adventures is great for all ages.

You can purchase a downloadable MP3 set for $17.00

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