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Friday, April 4, 2014

WarFair Project

DS15 has been working on a project for his freshman year called "The War Fair Project". According to his history teacher, this has been going on for many years and all the Freshman class participates. You pick a topic that pertains to history and do a report. My son chose his topic "Music in the Time of Mozart".

Since November they've been writing papers, editing and preparing for War Fair which was the second to the last day of the 3rd Quarter. It was open to the public to come and check out and WOW, there was a lot of kids and their projects available to see.

 photo DSCF0893_zps3a81c3a2.jpg

Not only did you get a chance to view the projects the students worked hard on, there were judges grading everyone's work. As you can below, my son was being judged while we visiting. He had a total of 11 judges come to his table to listen to his presentation and to hear what he had to say about his project.

 photo 009_zpsa70a78c6.jpg

 photo DSCF0894_zpsf9e5b846.jpg

I was so proud of all the hard work he did in preparing for this and how well he did in presenting it. He was definitely a natural when it came to speaking to others. The judges were there to help find the top 20 projects so those will go down to Billings, MT this Spring for the War Fair finals. The winner receives a scholarship..

My son did really well, but didn't make the top 20 but that's o.k. I made a deal with him though that if he received an A on his History and English portion of the presentation that I would buy the last book in the Eragon series.. Well.. he aced it. Both classes gave him an A and I ordered his book. It came today so he's one happy kid.

After all this work, he can finally relax and learn some new things for the final semester of school.. We are still praying diligently on whether he will continue on at the public high school for his sophmore year or if we will have him return to homeschooling. He wants to return and I do too, but there is a lot of factors so we hope to find wisdom from the Lord. God has so many wonderful plans for my son so it's all in His timing. Until then, we are enjoying his achievements and celebrating them when they come...

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