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Thursday, May 1, 2014

One Thousand Gifts 296-321

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  Blogging my One Thousand Gifts.. One Gift at a Time...

296. Drive to Billlings and to see Big Sky Country with new eyes
297. Christian music playing on the radio
298. Christian music at the library to check out and listen to
299. Being able to attend the Women of Faith Conference
300. Hearing Patsy Clairmont speaking at the Women of Faith conference
301. Listening to bible study on bad girls of the bible from Liz Curtis Higgs @ Women of Faith conference
302. Following the touching story of Sheila Walsh at the Women of Faith conference
303. Hearing Christine Caine speak on reviving our faith at the Women of Faith conference
304. Laughing and enjoying the songs of Anita Renfroe at the Women of Faith conference
305. The awesome worship of Kari Jobe at the Women of Faith conference
306. Listening to Matthew West and meeting his family at the Women of Faith conference
307. 3 1/2 days by myself to refresh my mind, soul and body
308. Family that allowed me to go to the Women of Faith conference
309. Family appreciating what I do at home
310. Hubby pampering me when I return from Billings, MT
311. Making cards for friends/family
312. Warm Spring air
313. Running in a new city for the first time
314. My faith growing stronger
315. Finding my priorities and letting go of those things that don't fit
316. Green grass to mow
317. Planting bulbs in my pots outside
318. Neighbors as friends
319. Finishing a crocheted blanket for my daughter
320. 5 more weeks of the school year
321. field trip to the local Coca Cola plant to see how they make soda

Return next week for my next installment of One Thousand Gifts....
You can join in on the 1000 Gifts Journey by visiting A Holy Experience HERE

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