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Monday, August 4, 2014

Winning Cards @ The Fair

The fair was here in town for the past week and a half. Last year I decided to start entering my cards that I make and loved the experience so I did it again this year. I decided to enter 10 cards this year. Also last year I found out you can go and watch them judge your cards. I loved hearing what they had to say about each one, even those cards that weren't mine. I learned a lot about what they were looking for and also saw some new techniques to use in future cards..

I got my cards back on Sunday afternoon. With my 10 entries, I placed with all of them. Eight of my cards earned 1st place, one earned 2nd place and one earned 3rd place. With those eight cards that earned first my deer card which you can see in the photo just below here on the bottom right earned the top 3 for the Best of Show. I didn't win it but the judges said really great things about it so I'm happy!

 photo 006_zpsa6b4709c.jpg

The cards above and below earned 1st Place Ribbons and $5.00 each for a prize..

 photo 007_zps1048d251.jpg

 photo 005_zpseb06e1bd.jpg

The cards above earned 2nd and 3rd Place Ribbons and $3.00 winning and $2.00 winning.. Which gave me at total of $45.00 that I won this year.  


  1. Ok, I'm just going to ask...the card that you received 3rd place on...what does it mean HO3?
    -Rebecca D.

    1. It means Ho to the 3rd power or Ho Ho Ho :)


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