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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Daughter's Military Training

If you've been following my blog at all this past 6 months, my oldest, my daughter joined the Air Force and went to basic training back in February. Life has a way of moving forward and I am just now starting to post more regularly on my blog here. I'd like to do a quick re-cap of the past few months in regards to my beautiful, brave daughter.. She headed off the basic to Lackland AFB in mid February. We took her down to the Butte, MT M.E.P.S Station and said our good-bye's.

The first few weeks was hard getting into a routine without her here. Mama here was a sad one for sometime.. What made the days go by was the fact that we were going to travel to Texas in April to see her graduate boot camp. What a fantastic trip it was to spend 3 1/2 days with her.

 photo collage basic_zps8pegg2td.jpg

We spent the day on base and another day and a half in San Antonio, TX. Saw the Alamo, went to Hard Rock Café, Rain Forest Café and enjoyed a walk on the River Walk. One afternoon we spent looking at all the missions. There were four including the Alamo.

We got to see where she had been living for 8 weeks including her barracks. We saw her earn her coin, and walk the bomb run to celebrate her graduation. I couldn't be anymore proud of her!

 photo af basic training_zps2sevtdor.png

One week after we went to see her, she headed off to Ohio for her training to become a Biochemical Engineer. She has been in Ohio since late April and she is set to graduate this Tuesday.. Woo Hoo! She just finished her Haz Mat Training and sent me some photos of her in her suit and with her class..

 photo Alanna Haz Mat Training_zpsu3ayvw2r.png

She will be returning home here on Friday the 5th and will stay until the end of the month until we help her drive to her first duty station in Utah.. I can't wait to share her experiences with you as she shares them with me..

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