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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Playing with Words: Charlotte Mason Style

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

For the month of January I am contributing to a Virtual Curriculum Fair over at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds.. Each week is based off a certain subject. This week's subject that I'll be discussing is all about Language Arts.

I've participated in this a couple years ago. For 2013-14 we are working on a new curriculum for this one year and thought I'd share my thoughts on what we are using. For the past two years we were using Heart of Dakota curriculum and LOVE it.. You can check out my posts on this curriculm's Language Arts HERE.

 We took this year off realizing the next book in the series was a little too advanced for my 6th grader so I decided to do something different while we wait to do the next book for HOD in 2014-15.

Language Arts the Charlotte Mason Approach. Like Heart of Dakota, I chose another curriculum that follows the Charlotte Mason style for homeschooling. We love this way and so glad we were able to find something to use this year while we take this year off from H.O.D.

I found a wonderful website that has an array of Charlotte Mason curriculum for all ages/subjects..
Queen Homeschool Supplies.

I chose some of their Language Arts curriculum to use in our homeschool this year.


 photo DSCF0501_zps9864a8df.jpg

I wanted copywork to have a theme this year to go alongside the history my son is studying. I found "Our Beautiful America" copywork and love it. My son loves the content each day and not only is he writing, he's reading, comprehending and learning new history each day. He loves sharing what he's learned and copied each day.

 photo DSCF0502_zpsdb4a5bfd.jpg

Here above is a sample of two days worth of copywork. Charlotte Mason approach is work that doesn't take long periods of time and with this subject, he's done within 5-10 minutes time. I have him take the content and copy it into a composition notebook labeled COPYWORK. He dates each day with the Lesson #.


 photo DSCF0503_zps13353c89.jpg

This is a vocabulary program based on picture study which is popular among Charlotte Mason curriculum. I purchased both Volume One and Two to complete the entire year. Each volume has 18 weeks of study, totaling 36 weeks if you purchase both books.

 photo DSCF0504_zps7dd08e8e.jpg

A sample of the Words of the Week.

They have one word with the definition to use for the week. Along with that there is four other words that have a similar meaning to learn and a picture that represents the word for the week.

 photo DSCF0505_zps6bbb3c51.jpg

Then, they have five sentences to copy, study, read aloud that share the word of the week along with the similar words. Each sentence goes along with the picture for that week. All used in a sentence to help understand the meaning.

Day 1 example using the word of the week INVITING.. "The walkway on the water looked quite inviting. I could not wait to see what awaited me at the other end."

I have my son read aloud the sentence, and then copy it inside a composition notebook. Each day he reads aloud the words for the week along with the definition.

Language Arts

 photo DSCF0506_zps34e5dc10.jpg

This is a great gentle approach to Language arts with a Charlotte Mason approach. Language Lessons for the Elementary Child.

 photo DSCF0507_zpsb084002d.jpg

I love how there is little busy work and unnecessary worksheets. It's simple to understand, that my son reads it to himself and is able to complete each day's lesson independently. As you can see above in two days worth of samples that the lessons are small, easy to digest and learn. The lessons include narration, picture study, dictation and copywork.  It also includes skills in grammar, usage, creative writing, and forms of poetry. Each day's lesson may be different from the day before but they do work off each other. Such as the grammar lesson you worked on before, will have the next lesson of grammar to follow that skill learned.

This is a complete years worth of Language Arts.


 photo DSCF0508_zps119c4a81.jpg

Learning to Spell through Copywork. What a great way to teach spelling. A gentle approach using copywork and spelling rules.

 photo DSCF0509_zps1ba2e9b1.jpg

My son hasn't been taught much formal spelling so I started with Book A and he's doing really well with it. Each week they are introduced to a spelling rule with 12 words following that rule. Each day they will write down a sentence using the spelling words for that week. Simple, easy and very affective.

Since my son uses everything he is being taught in sentences he is able to comprehend much more than any drills or worksheets could offer him. Because of that he's using words in the way they should be. In conversation and the written word.

We really enjoy this year's Language Arts curriculum choices. We will continue using some of these alongside the Heart of Dakota curriculum next year as I'm not too fond of the Language Arts selection they use in that curriculum. (Rod & Staff English) Two thumbs up for all this curriculum...

If you are interested in more information, check out their website HERE


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  1. I love Charlotte Mason's ways. And Queen does have some great supplies They are always at the homeschool convention we go to. :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting. We've really enjoyed this year's curriculum choice. Never heard of Queen Homeschooling until this year and so glad I did. My son is doing really well with it.. :) Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.. Many blessings

  2. I've had a lot of success with daily copywork + modeled dictation with my younger kids, too. What I do is have them copy a short passage related to our history studies one day, then the next day we use that as a model to go over the spelling, punctuation, and such, and then I dictate it to them. Surprisingly, even my special needs kid enjoys this and they've both benefited from it.

    Thank you for sharing your language arts studies!

  3. what a great idea on using daily copywork/dication.. I love how you implement the spelling, punctuation etc to it.. I may try that in the future :) Thanks for commenting.. Many blessings


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