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One Word 2024

Each year since 2011, I have chosen One Word for the year. I started this journey because I felt overwhelmed, and overworked. So I started with the word Simplify. I took that word and applied it to every aspect of my life and by the end of the year, my schedule, day to day life felt less chaotic, all due to me applying the word. I cleaned up my schedule, my house and said no to things that did not help me or my family.  As you can see, I chose Balance for the following year so I could keep my simple life in check and I went from there. Each one supports the previous year's word. 2011- Simplify 2012- Balance 2013- Renew 2014- Focus 2015- Strength 2016- Intentional  2017- Determined 2018- Commit 2019- Invest 2020- Vision 2021- Cleanse 2022- Believe 2023- Purpose 2024- Connection I am finishing up this year - Purpose and I feel like I have accomplished this Word in my life and to bring it to the next level, 2024 will be Connection. I was looking into other words for next year but I wo

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