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Monday, January 23, 2012

Heart of Dakota- The Fine Details- Part 4 Poetry & Bible


For the month of January I am contributing to a Virtual Curriculum Fair.. Each week is based off a certain subject. This week's subject that I'll be discussing is Bible & Poetry. My sole purpose is to post about how I use the Heart of Dakota curriculum with my 10 year old. We are currently using the Preparing His Heart for His Glory set.

If you'd like to read about Part 1- Language Arts -- Part 2 Science -- Part 3 History that I posted previously you can click on the link on the words I also touched base on the basics of this curriculum as well.

Heart of Dakota Poetry and Bible Study

To complete my in depth review of this curriculum program I would like to talk about the last two subjects of Poetry and Bible Study.. I first off want to say that Bible is integrated throughout the curriculum. It's in the history, science, and independent reading. I have already discussed this portion of the bible study through the last two parts this month and now want to include the actual 'Bible Study' section of the curriculum.


I will break this up by Day. On Day One you are introduced to the new scripture that will be studied for the entire week. This curriculum guide is studying the Psalms this year. After you've read the scripture out loud to the child there is questions to discuss together. I love how it's narrated for you to just read directly to the child from the guide. You can also use the CD to help your child memorize the scripture. I opted out on this part for this year because the songs on the CD to help memorize were in the King James Version and we don't use that version.


On Day 2 you will read the scripture again. They have hand movements you can do and again, we chose not to do that. My son finds them not helpful so we skip that part of the program. We do go over the questions to help deepen the meaning of the scripture being studied. To finish off this day's bible study, we pray together.


On Day 3 your child will be having quiet time reflecting on the scripture of the week. They have a list of things they will do during this time. My son doesn't read well independently so we do this part together so he can have my help when needed.


On Day 4 it's time for them to write out the scripture of the week. They discuss making a common place book. We use lined paper and place it in a big binder that holds all his work.

Sample of his bible study written out


Poetry has been hard to keep up on. As we get behind in the history or science sometimes I let this subject slip. My son isn't that fond of the poetry part of the curriculum but I like using it as a tool to help him in his reading since the poems aren't very long and easy to read aloud.


On Day 1 you are introduced to a poem. This year's poet of study is Robert Louis Stevenson. I have my child read the poem out loud after I've read it once. Then we discuss the questions together.


On Day 2 I have him read the poem again outloud. Here is where it's time to write. Each Day 2 weeks are little different but all have a common goal. To get them to write. This particular example has them comparing night and day and then writing a paragraph.


Day 3 he'll read it again outloud and then discuss the questions together.


On Day 4 we read it one more time then I have my son draw pictures on a copy of the poem that describes the poem.

Sample of a poem with his drawings included..

Well, here is some information about the bible study and poetry sections of this curriculum. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.. Would love to help you out with whatever I can..

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  1. Thank you, again, for such a detailed view of Heart of Dakota. It's been great having you take part in the Virtual Curriculum Fair.

  2. A lot of people are talking about Heart of Dakota! I am going to have to take a closer look! I am just noticing your side tracker...You lost 25 pounds!?!? You go girl! I would love to know your secrets!


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