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Friday, October 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 326-349

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

326. losing 8.6lbs over the past 4 weeks
327. running my second race in 49:54.. 3 1/2 miles
328. hubby coming home safely after two, 2 week work trips to TX
329. harvesting the last of our garden before our first freeze
330. 8 weeks done in our homeschooling and still loving it all
331. finishing up a hand made gift for my daughter's 17th bday
332. being able to run everyday and not having pain
333. having a supportive husband in everything I do
334. getting our first hunting license to get us some deer.. hopefully
335. having the opportunity to get our own meat for the winter
336. living in Montana
337. enjoying this slow season of my life
338. getting lost for an hour in a corn maze w/ my family
339. picking my own pumpkin at the patch
340. getting rebate checks at the perfect timing
341. winterizing our vehicles and being blessed we have all three of them
342. reading the entire Bible in 88 days
343. monthly stamping class
344. time to get creative and make cards
345. fall decorations around my home
346. Autumn.. my favorite season
347. watching God's beauty through all the changing leaves
348. my husband's job
349. yummy veggie burgers from Costco- all natural