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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 161-170

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

161. Being able to run a full 1.5 miles without having to walk
162. having the money to purchase 2011-2012 curriculum
163. finding a new curriculum that looks perfect for our family
164. being able to spend a whole day in the kitchen baking & making food for the family
165. making my own homemade pop tarts that are healthier for my family
166. attempting to make homemade fig newtons
167. able to teach the 4H class yesterday and really enjoyed it
168. being able to sell my curriculum to be able to make room for my new stuff
169. hugs from my 9 year old
170. hearing my son say "Have I told you today that I love you?"

Friday, February 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts- 146-160

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

146. having the strength to run longer intervals in my new quest to run in a race
147. signing up for my first ever race for 2 miles
148. skating with my hubby while holding hands
149. watching my kids with their friends at the homeschool Valentine skate today
150. having my hubby say "I would like to fix a special dinner for you but the ones you make are so great I can't top them" and he means it..
151. being blessed to sell my unused curriculum to get curriculum I'll use
152. celebrating 3 months without caffeine and lovin' it
153. being blessed with so many curriculum options that wasn't available just 20 yrs ago
154. hearing my son say "Have I told you today Mom that I love you?"
155. getting a beautiful flower as a special delivery today from my secret sister
156. running 2 miles quicker than a week ago
157. feeling the aches in my legs from running and being blessed that I can run and walk
158. cuddling with my guinea pig Mattie.. she's so cute and loveable
159. enjoying quiet time with my Bible
160. Gold's Gym

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On Thousand Gifts- 136-145

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a time...

136. being able to have the energy to return to the gym
137. hearing 'thanks for pushing me to go to the vet class tonight' from my daughter
138. reading the Bible everyday
139. making arrangements to have tea with a friend
140. losing 4lbs
141. watching my daughter make dinner that she planned all by herself
142. seeing my son's eyes light up when I bring home a reading book from the library
143. the 41 degree weather today
144. getting back into my routine after my sickness
145. watching my kids play together and their laughter filling the room