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Monday, July 29, 2013

California Trip

When our family arrived home from our camping trip, I had two messages on my answering machine. One from my brother and the other from my sister. Both sharing the sad news that my Uncle had passed away suddenly from an accident. It was very hard to hear of this tragic news. My uncle was my godfather growing up and had a special place in my heart so I took the news badly. I wanted to go pay my respects and to see my family during this time. He is my dad's older brother.

My brother was also heading down for the funeral so I drove from MT to WA to meet up with my brother and then he drove us to CA and back to WA and then I drove from there back home. This trip took me 10 solid days. I'm really glad that I was able to be there for my wonderful Aunt and my cousins during this time.

Even though this tragedy is what brought me to my hometown, my brother and I tried to do some positive things while we were there since my last visit to where I grew up was in 2009. Two of my kids came with me because my hubby still had to work and I couldn't leave them home since my DD18 also worked. We got to see where I lived, went to school, hung out, as well as seeing some great junior high/high school friends for dinner the last night in CA.

 photo CATrip030.jpg

 photo CATrip036.jpg

 photo CATrip037.jpg

Our first day in my hometown of Napa, California was a quick trip to see the Wine Crusher on the hill heading into town. We thought it fitting since we were both Vintage Crushers. The high school we graduated from's mascot was a wine crusher.. I know, weird huh? I got to show my boys my hometown again. They went with me in 2009 but they were much younger so now they get to see it again older. My nephew also came with us so there was the five of us all together.

 photo CATrip049.jpg

An old memory living in town was our trips to Foster's Freeze with our parents. Had to have lunch here and also an ice cream cone to follow tradition...

 photo CATrip059.jpg

Here's the house I grew up in from the age of about 4 until I moved out at 16. My parents lived here until I was 20 and then moved to WA State.. It was yellow for many yrs then my father painted it brown. Now it's blue!

 photo CATrip069.jpg

Thought it fitting to take a picture of where my life changed. This building above used to be Marie Calender's Restaurant where I worked at the age of 15 as their hostess. Here is where I met my daughter's Uncle. He also worked there. As we grew in our friendship I eventually met his brother, whom I married at 18 and moved to NC with. Long story short, divorced three yrs later but have my beautiful DD18 from it.. So can't complain...

 photo CATrip099.jpg

My wonderful Uncle that passed away..

 photo CATrip088.jpg

 photo CATrip083.jpg

Some of the things he loved outside of his family..

 photo CATrip109-001.jpg

During the viewing all of the family was there so we took a group photo. I haven't seen all of these people for many many years and some I've never met.. It was so wonderful to see them all, but truly sad that it was because of their father's, grandfather's and husband's death. Wish it was under happier circumstances.

 photo CATrip117.jpg

The morning of the funeral (and the hottest day wearing black the entire time we were there) we went to another childhood memory place. Buttercream Bakery. The best maple bars ever.. They sell out really fast so they didn't have the exact one we used to get but they did have a similar one and it hit the spot. It was so great showing my kids all the things I did when I was their age!

 photo CATrip121.jpg

We still had a few minutes before the funeral so we walked a few blocks to downtown and looked at the old fountain. This used to flow water when we were younger and people used to come down with their boomboxes and breakdance.. Now that ages me doesn't it.. hee hee!!

 photo CATrip136.jpg

After the funeral we went to my Aunt's house to visit with family. Here she is above. She is such a strong woman. I look up to her and love her dearly!

 photo CATrip138.jpg

Here's my cousin and I. I can't get over how much we look alike. I really take after my dad's side of the family in looks..

 photo CATrip143.jpg

On Sunday, the day before we left back to WA, we decided to drive to Vallejo to see where our dad used to work at Mare Island Shipyard. It's now open to the public to drive on as it's no longer a base. Here above is the old building on the left that my dad used to work at. On the right was the old post office..

 photo CATrip161.jpg

We then drove around Napa and went to where I used to work. My VERY FIRST job at the ripe old age of 14. The building behind my boys and I used to be Bel Aire Bowl where I was a Porter. It's now Pier One Imports.. I wanted my kids to see that I did have a job that young, which is the exact age of my son, on the left above, right now.. WOW!

 photo CATrip174.jpg

We couldn't leave town without going to Kennedy Park to feed the ducks. We used to do that as a family and it held many memories. We did it with just the four of us growing up, as well as with both grandparents at one time or the other.. Now my boys got to do the same thing as I did.. It was nice to share in the memory with them.

 photo CATrip201.jpg

Sunday afternoon, our last day in Napa, we went to see my mom's side of the family. My Uncle, Aunt, and cousin. We spent some time there before heading to say our goodbye's to my Aunt below with my boys and me..

 photo CATrip203.jpg

Finishing up my trip to CA with a dinner with some of my junior high/high school friends. I've known all of these wonderful ladies since 7th grade.. WOW! Had a great time reminiscing and enjoying their company!!

 photo CATrip208.jpg

We left CA Monday morning to find my DS11 sick and throwing up in the truck just 20 minutes after our departure. This put us very far behind in our schedule so we ended up having to sleep in OR for the night. My son was miserable but he overcame the next day so it was some sort of 24 hour bug.

Me on the otherhand had a HUGE allergy attack visiting my hometown. With that I got a HUGE sinus pressure attack and was miserable the rest of the trip back to MT. I stayed a day at my brother's in WA which helped a little but not much and then took the last two days to drive home stopping in ID to visit my great friend and her family. She so graciously let us stay there when we left MT and then again when we were heading back home to MT. I also had dinner with my parents, they live in the same town as my friend and got to spend some time with them which was really nice. The boys really enjoyed seeing their grandparents and sharing their likes with them both.

 photo 012-001.jpg

It was a long 10 days but I'm so glad I was able to go, see family and friends and to be there for them during this difficult time. I'll always remember the wonderful times I had growing up with my Uncle. He will always be in my thoughts.. Love you Uncle Steve! You are truly missed and loved!!

Father's Day Camping Trip

I'm really behind in posting about what's going on this Summer at and around our house. I have some photos to share of our camping trip we took with a few other families we know that also homeschool. We went up to one of the families farm up north and camped there from Friday to Sunday afternoon. What an adventure it was. We headed up when it was partly cloudy and as we got to the property it started downpouring with hail to boot.. We have a 2 wheel drive Suburban going on this muddy dirt road up a large hill to the camp site made for a really fun mudbogging adventure. Our friends went up first and tried really hard to go up 2 wheel drive but ended up putting it in 4 wheel drive and we watched them travel up sideways all the way to the top.. Kids thought that was totally awesome to watch that! For us we didn't have that option so it took us some very creative maneuvering to get us where we needed and a story to tell our grandchildren.. (smiles)

While setting up our camp a rain shower came through again making the tents all wet but we overcame. Because of the rain though and the cloud cover the temps never climbed so we ended up with upper 30's for temps that night. brrrrrrrr.......   Keep in mind we were camping in the summer so we didn't prepare ourselves for that cold of a night.

Over all, we had a blast. Went hiking, saw a young elk still with spots. Beautiful views, and wonderful fellowship with friends.. Went fishing, caught many and released many.. Great memories to be had!

 photo 033.jpg

Hubby and his friend cutting firewood for our campsite firepit

 photo 038.jpg

Beautiful view of the area around our campsite

 photo 047.jpg

Homestead on the property that my friends family once lived in years ago!!

 photo 072-1.jpg

 photo 084.jpg

My daughter and I posing at the homestead

 photo 137.jpg

Hubby's fish he caught

 photo 142.jpg

DS11's second fish he caught. I wasn't there when he caught his first fish..

 photo 146.jpg

DS14's fish he caught

 photo 147.jpg

My fish I caught. My very first Brook Trout... my hubby says I hold fish funny.. Oh well, I didn't drop him.. hee hee!

 photo 145.jpg

All the families having a great time at the pond..

 photo 150.jpg

 photo 158.jpg

On our hike to the top of the mountain which was long and almost straight up in some spots, it was well worth it when you saw this view..

 photo 157-1.jpg

My son while we rested half way up the mountain

 photo 177.jpg

Once we hit the top, we took a photo to remember it by..

 photo 10563_266268836848993_1150690161_n.jpg

The teens went on a separate hike which included DD18 and DS14.. this is just a few of the kids that went on the hike.

 photo 192.jpg

The ladies enjoying dinner

 photo 193.jpg

Roasting marshmallows.. mmmmmmmm

 photo 205.jpg

On Father's Day was when we packed up the tent and went back home. Here is my hubby above as "Super Dad".. thought it very fitting since it was his special day!!

 photo 206.jpg

The ladies before we went home..
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gas Stove Covers Makeover

 I've lived in my home now for 6 yrs and have always disliked the look of my gas stove covers. They looked rusty and a need to be replaced, so I thought!

I came across a pin on pinterest not to long ago about how to clean these nasty things without breaking a sweat. I thought to myself, 'what do I have to lose'. Other than replacing them, so I gave it a try.
So what do you need to clean these things?
2-3 TBS of ammonia
zip lock bag that will fit each of your covers (total of 4)
 photo 008-2.jpg
Slide them into the bags after you pour 2-3 TBS of ammonia in them. Seal and walk away for at least 5 hours. I let mine soak overnight.
 photo 001-3.jpg
This is the drippings from one of my covers that was left in the bag after I pulled it out
 photo 011.jpg
After it soaked overnight, look at all the gunk that really stands out now.. ick...
 photo 003-1.jpg
Before- Yuck!
 photo 004-2.jpg
After a little warm water and very minor rubbing. )Just to brush it all off) it looks like this now above! Can you say AMAZING!!! They look brand new..
 photo 006-1.jpg
Can you believe I was going to get rid of these and buy new ones. They look awesome now.. And it was so easy to do too..

This was posted on one of my other blogs. The reason behind the photos w/ a different name on them. They are my sole property and not for use by any other person without written permission 

Organizing Stamps w/ Matching Framelit Dies

I absolutely love Stampin Up stamps and this past year they've come out with matching framelit dies that help cut out the stamping image using your Big Shot/Sizzix die cutting machine.. Well, if you are an avid stamper like me, I'm running out of room to store everything. I came across a wonderful idea on how to store the matching framelit dies with the clear mount stamp sets..
 photo 001-001.jpg
Here is a stamping set above that I recently purchased.
 photo 003-001.jpg

 This stamp set has a matching die cut templates you can purchase separately. I wanted them to be stored together so I found some magnet sheets that you use for business cards at Michaels and adhered them to one side of the stamping box. Now my framelits are with the stamp set so when I want to use this together everything is all in one..
 photo 004-001-1.jpg
 photo 005-001-1.jpg
I absolutely love this idea and did this with all my sets that have matching framelits. I know some of my framelits go with multiple stamp sets so I've decided to just leave those in their original cases and stored them where I originally had them. It's so nice to have the stamp set/ framelits together on the sets that work for that.. I love finding ways to make cardmaking quick and easy.. This is definitely one of those!!!