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Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Name I Call Myself by Beth Moran Review

The Name I Call Myself  -     By: Beth Moran

"The Name I Call Myself"
by Beth Moran

About This Book:

Now that Faith Harp is engaged to the gorgeous and successful Perry, life is looking up for Faith Harp.  Not for long when her domineering future mother-in-law starts to plan the wedding, her brother goes into a downward spiral when the man who killed her mother is released from prison. Faith begins to secretly plan the wedding she really wants and ends up joining a church choir.  Does she see Dylan as more than just the church's vicar?

My Thoughts on This Book:

This book was a great read. A bit of humor surrounding tough life events. Faith, healing from an abusive past, is engaged to a very wealthy, handsome and loving man. Why is she keeping him at arm's length? As she tries to deal with her mentally ill brother Sam, feeling needed by him, she decides to join a choir hoping to distract herself from planning a wedding that her future mother in law has taken control of.

Trying to cope with her past coming into her present and possibly wrecking it for the future she dives into the choir group where she finds more than just singing to the church goers.. Friends? Future? Will she make it down the aisle and live happily ever after?

A well written book that allows us to feel, laugh and cry along with the characters. You won't want to not put this book on your read list...

About the Author:

Beth Moran has a background as a research scientist and adult educator. She now concentrates on church work and is part of the national leadership team of the UK women's network Free Range Chicks. She is married with three children and lives in Nottingham, England.

I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given..

Mule Doe Down! My First Ever!

We started hunting in 2011.. Pretty much every other year, I've personally brought home a deer. Our first year, I brought home the first deer for the family, a white tailed doe. Hubby got two deer that year giving us the most we've ever had..

In 2012, hubby brought home a mule doe and I didn't get anything that year. In 2013, I got my first ever Mule Buck which I named Lucky. You can read about that story HERE and you can see him below.

 photo 994978_10201871213214003_1958547585_n_zps60634573.jpg

In 2014, I had a grizzly bear scare and I decided I was done hunting that year, (You can read about my encounter HERE) but hubby went out and brought home a white tail doe.. Still was able to get meat in the freezer.

In 2015 (last year) I was the only one with a tag to hunt and hubby came with me to help locate one. I was able to bring home my 2nd Mule Buck.. You can see him below.

 photo 2015 deer_zpsh1wiib6v.png

This year I decided I wanted to try for a Mule Doe since they've been restricted for the past three years due to numbers in the area. I've never got one myself so that was my goal this year.. On the second day of hunting, she popped up out of the brush as we were walking by and VOILA, meat in the freezer!

 photo doe_zpsylpnmuyo.png

We are done for the season and blessed with what God has provided for us.. Next year I am looking to get a White Tail Buck.. The only thing I haven't got yet!! Something to look forward to in 2017..

Turkey Drop Challenge-Getting Started

If you've followed my blog over the years you may know I am really into health and fitness. I was also trying supplements last year around this time and lost weight while using them too. When I decided back in January I didn't want to take them anymore, the weight starting coming back on. 15lbs to be exact. That was tough to swallow because I tried really hard to keep it off but it seemed the supplements I was on wasn't the best and the weight came on regardless of what I did.

I decided things needed to change after taking a few months off from rigorous calorie counting and fitness schedules. Fast forward to this past month. After taking a break, it gave my body the chance to unwind, and recoup. Because I gave it a rest it seems rearing to go to get back to where I was last October..

I started eating more healthy portion sizes and being more diligent with changing up my workout routine. For the longest time I wasn't eating breakfast. Never was hungry when I woke up, and usually just ended up being a cup of coffee. Now I'm eating breakfast, lunch and dinner with two snacks.. LOTS AND LOTS of water!

I decided to join a local "Turkey Drop Challenge" It's named that because it started this past Monday the 24th and will run up until the 24th, Thanksgiving week. My goal when signing up was to shed 5lbs. I started my weight loss before hearing about this so when the 1st day came I had already went down from my beginning weight of 145lbs to 141.4lbs. This was my weight back on the 24th.. Day One of the challenge..

 photo Turkey Drop Challenge Day 1 Collage_zpsyguuxzpc.png

I am a little sad showing you these photos.. I know I'm not fat but I gained my weight back when I was down to 128lbs.. I am not tall so need to keep my weight under 135lbs to be considered healthy.. My goal is 130lbs is where I ultimately want to maintain my weight for good...

I hope to check in weekly with updates because when I'm accountable, I do better!! Anyone else looking to lose weight to feel better? I'd love to hear from you!

Photographed A Wedding

A friend of mine has a daughter that was getting married this month. It was a simple affair at the local court house with her son and a few friends and family. She asked if I could take some photos of the ceremony and some of the family. They plan to have a reception sometime in the New Year. Here is my favorites of their special day!

 photo collage 1.2_zpshbxonzfv.png

The little boy in the top left his her one year old son.. The top right is her step dad giving her away and of course the rest is of her and her new husband and them becoming one family..

 photo collage 1.1_zps3k2nrgax.png

Congratulations you two.. May the Lord bless you in the years to come!

Rosie Turns One!

On December 4th we brought home my little baby, Rosie, our mini dachshund. She was just 8 weeks old and the most adorable thing ever... I couldn't let her 1st birthday come around and not celebrate it since she is now one of the family. She turned one back on October 1st.

I made her a yummy Pupcake. Made of peanut butter, flour baking soda and honey. Topping is made of cream cheese and peanut butter whipped together.

 photo rosie bday collage_zpsgsmywfep.png

As you can see from the above photos she LOVED the frosting. I added two mini doggie bones for decoration. She is a dainty eater so she licked so delicately the frosting and we then broke apart the cupcake and removed the liner for her to finish the rest..

Of course you can't have a birthday without a little hat to decorate for the festivities.. Doesn't she look SO cute! Happy 1st Birthday Rosie.... You came into my life at the perfect moment.. We've waited to get a dog for years and I'm so glad we chose you!!