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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weapon Collector's Youth Shoot

Yesterday morning I helped out with the Annual Weapon Collector's Youth Shoot that is sponsored by the Shooting Complex I'm a member of, "Great Falls Shooting Sports Complex" and the Women's Group that I belong too.. the "Missouri River Women's Shooters"..

I worked the check-in table with another fellow member of the women's club and chatted while the kids shot some historical weapons along with some semi's and automatics.. All the kids that came by after the shoot had smiles on their faces and had a fun time participating.

 photo youth shoot collage_zpsahff02ev.png

The best part of volunteering, you get to shoot one.. I chose the AR50. Was a bit intimidating at first when you see the size of the bullet and casing... But after being walked through the process and picking my target I gave it a go.. I not only had fun shooting it, I also hit the target.. Woo Hoo!

I got to keep the bullet casing for a souvenir.. I absolutely LOVE being a part of this group and look forward to shooting more with the ladies at the complex...

I am participating right now in an online NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course which is called Phase One.. Next Saturday we will all go out on the range and practice what we learned through the online course. I want to be a better shooter and feel 100% confident with my conceal carry and that's why I'm doing this course. If you are interested in taking this course, you don't need to be an NRA member to participate.. Here is the link for more information...

A well educated person regarding guns is a smart informed gun owner..

A Cable Ferry & The Past

Last week hubby and I ventured to a little town called Virgelle, MT. Named after the founder Virgel and his wife Ella. Boomed to a large population of 35 in its hayday! The Mercantile and Bank are still standing and you can go into both to look around.

The Mercantile is now a bed & breakfast on the 2nd floor and an antique store on the main level. The bank is used to house old antiques you can purchase and still has the old vault still in tact..

 photo virgelle trip collage_zpsluqrtiq8.png

The best part of visiting this small quaint town is taking a trip across the Missouri River on the Virgelle Ferry. Free of charge and totally awesome little ride. Get to chat with the locals on the double car ferry boat that drives along a cable across the river.. You can venture on without turning around and the road will land you back onto the highway many miles away...

 photo Virgelle Trip Collage 2_zpsy8ivrs1a.png

Of course, while your on the Missouri River you must dunk a worm or two before heading back across where you will return to Virgelle to take a trip across a wooden boardwalk between the Mercantile and Bank..

You can spend the weekend here in one of their original homestead buildings or enjoy some time at the bed & breakfast for a relaxing time in the quaint town of Virgelle! A true look at Montana's past up close and in personal!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Save the Ta Ta's 5K Race

Last night was the Annual Save the Ta Ta's 5k Race. This is my 4th year running this race. What I love about this race, it's at night. This is a bonus for me since I don't ever run in the evenings for obvious safety reasons so I jump at the chance to change my running a bit. This year I was able to run with my friend Teresa. I made us some tu tu's and we had t-shirts made for the occasion.

Since I'm a hunter I thought it fitting to include 'racks' on the shirt.. I loved it! We had a blast running together. We came in a little bit over 36 minutes and that included a short stop at the top of the hill to photo the flag across the city..

 photo 5k race collage_zpsxyyh6gwn.png

The pathway was lit by some beautiful lanterns hanging from the trees. It was really pretty.. We ran up the big hill to the flag that overlooks the city and then back down again.. I hope my friend will join me again next year with this race..  Had a blast!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Thank You Law Enforcement!

The past month has been a tragic scene in the news as we watch multiple police officers dying in the line of duty. Across the U.S we are witnessing the act of domestic terrorism to our police force.

Yesterday the homeschooling community got together to show our local law enforcement that their jobs matter, their lives matter and that we appreciate their sacrifice for our families and the community.

We gathered first at the police station and handed out thank you cards, hugs, handshakes and some gift cards for them to share with their families and co-workers.

 photo police dept collage_zps2d0zcbuy.png

After we passed out the cards, the police officers gave us a tour of the station and then we headed over to the Sheriff's office and did the same thing. These are real people, with families, children, parents.. Their lives matter as much as everyone else. While we are running away from danger, they are running into it.. To Protect Us! They deserve so much more than we could offer them.. A huge THANK YOU just isn't enough!!

Police Lives Matter... God Bless Our Law Enforcement and their families...