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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week 2: Run the Year 2017

Week 2 Run the Year 2017 in Review

I am a little behind in posting my second week in my Run 2017 Miles in 2017 just like the first week. I want to post weekly on my miles, any milestones that have happened, weight loss updates if there is any and recipes that I have tried in that week... I need to be more diligent at getting these out right after the week is up!

Weight Loss Update:

week 2 weigh in ldbg

Since week 1 I went down from 134.0 to 133.2.
.8 lbs down...

Work Outs:
week 2 workout collage

5.5 miles

7.25 miles

3.5 miles

5.5 miles

1/12: REST

8 miles

6.25 miles

Weekly Recipes: week 2 food collage

Italian Sausage & Sweet Potato Soup recipe can be found HERE

Spinach, Rice & Cheese Bake recipe can be found HERE

Beef Brisket and Cabbage recipe can be found HERE

Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet can be found HERE

Quote of the Week:
"Start Today... 3 months from now, you will thank yourself"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

When Love Arrives by Johnnie Alexander Review

Cover Art

When Love Arrives
by Johnnie Alexander

About This Book:

Dani had planned to spy on Brett--so how did she end up on a date with him?
Dani Prescott can't believe the lie Brett Somers is trying to sell to the media. During an interview about the plane crash that killed his parents, he blamed Dani's mother. But the crash killed her as well. Vowing to restore her mother's reputation, Dani has been following Brett and taking photos, hoping to find something she can use to discredit him. But when she catches his eye instead, she quickly finds herself agreeing to a date. Brett knows this mystery girl is hiding something--but he's got his own secrets to keep. What will happen when he discovers who she really is?

My Thoughts on This Book:

After getting a copy of this book for review I realized it was book 2 in a series.. I decided to read it anyway even though I hadn't read the first one yet. I wasn't disappointed. The story filled in nicely what occurred in the first novel so I never felt lost or missing any major storyline plots. The first book if I can recall was focusing on AJ and his now fiancée Shelby..

This book focuses on Dani, an out of towner focused on finding revenge to a rich boy named Brett. After all he decided to slander her mother and call her a murderer in an interview. She decides to go pay him a visit and find some way to make him pay. Instead she got more than she could bargain for. A relationship with his cousin AJ and his fiancée Shelby, a job helping them and a relationship with Brett? Can that be?

Can she turn her anger into love? Will her secrets of why she came to town ruin any chance she may have for love, friendship and a place to belong?

Fantastic storyline that hooks you from page one. I couldn't put it down until the very last page. I see there is a book three coming out this year. Can't wait to pick it up as it will focus on Brett's sister, Amy who has a roll in this book..

About the Author:

Johnnie Alexander

Johnnie Alexander is the award-winning author of Where Treasure Hides and Where She Belongs. An accomplished essayist and poet whose work has appeared in the Guideposts anthology A Cup of Christmas Cheer, she lives near Memphis, Tennessee.

I received a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 1: Run the Year 2017

Week 1 Run the Year 2017 in Review

I am a little behind in posting my first week in my Run 2017 Miles in 2017. I want to post weekly on my miles, any milestones that have happened, weight loss updates if there is any and recipes that I have tried in that week...

Let's start out with Day 1 Weight. I feel it's very important to take this large challenge on to see where you are on the first day. Since this is a YEAR LONG challenge I am looking forward to coming back to this post to see where I was on Day 1..

Since I started at 145 lbs back in October here I was on January 1, 2017.

1-1 1-4 Collage

I know I won't make the entire 2017 miles since this past year I only ran about 550 miles total. That would literally be 4 times the miles I've done this past year and I know that will put a toll on my body since it's not conditioned to run or even walk that much. I did start out pretty good in the first week. My ultimate goal was to do half and share the other half with two of my friends as we've signed up as a team for this challenge. Our name is "Women of Ass Destruction" because our goal is to use this fitness to tone down and get fit! Build muscle and destroy the fat!

Above here you can see my treadmill workouts I did for the first four days. On the treadmill I take a picture of each workout so I can journal my progress as the year goes on.

1-5 1-7 collage

The second half of the week I did these workouts. The 5th I broke up my workout with a 2 mile run which you can see on the bottom right and then another 3.5 miles speed walking on incline to finish my 5.5 miles needed for the day. I took a rest on the 6th and then back at it to finish the week off with a 4 mile workout.

week 1 food collage

My goal outside of physically working out is to change our diet with different foods to eat for dinner. My desire is to change it up so we try new vegetables and textures that are healthy, whole, real, unprocessed and full of flavor...

This first week I made some Chicken Avocado Wraps which were a huge hit. So good that they are still asking for us to have it again..

I also made a delicious moist, organic pork dish with kale, spinach, feta cheese and grape tomatoes.

I then also made a delicious sweet potato and ham soup.. YUM!

I forgot to take pictures of the other meals that week but I'm working on remembering before I eat it so I can journal it on here each week..