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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Perfect Egg Cookbook Review

The Perfect Egg cookbook 

The Perfect Egg
 A Fresh Take on Recipes for Morning, Noon, and Night

by Teri Lyn Fisher & Jenny Park

 A cookbook all about eggs, with 70 diverse recipes for meals, snacks, and desserts, from the team behind the beloved food blog Spoon Fork Bacon.

Eggs are one of the world’s super-star foods: inexpensive, protein-rich, versatile, and easily renewable. Every culture has its own take on eggs—for breakfast, lunch, and dinner—and The Perfect Egg features a dazzling, delicious variety of globally influenced dishes. From Blackberry Stuffed Croissant French Toast to Hot and Sour Soup, and from Poached Yolk-Stuffed Ravioli to Creamy Lemon Curd Tart, the more than seventy recipes in The Perfect Egg offer a fresh, unique, and modern take on the most humble of foods.

My Thoughts on This Book:

I love eggs. I wanted to find different ways to use eggs in our daily diet because they are packed full of protein and help sustain blood sugar.

This wonderful book is divided into sections. Starting out with All About Eggs.  Diving into grading and sizing eggs to egg varieties to the anatomy of an egg..

They then move on to the next section.. Egg 101: Basics
Here you will find cooking techniques, handling and storage, sauces and condiments, pasta doughs and breads.

Recipes... Recipes... Recipes...

The final sections is all about recipes..

Buttermilk Pancakes

 Corn and Green Onion Fritters
Homemade Crackers
Deviled Eggs

 Hot and Sour Soup
Egg Salad Sandwiches
Beef Empanadas

 Shrimp Okonomiyaki
Savory Strata
Pasta Carbonara

 Chocolate-Orange Souffle
Spicy Chocolate Mousse

These are just some examples of the recipes you will find in this book. There is over 70 to choose from

Each recipe contains a beautiful photo with easy to follow directions. If you are looking to add more eggs to your diet then I would recommend this cookbook.. Delicious!

I received a copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Against the Grain by Nancy Cain

Against The Grain Nancy Cain

Against the Grain
Extraordinary Gluten Free Recipes Made from Real, All Natural Ingredients
by Nancy Cain

About this Cookbook:

Revolutionary all-natural recipes for gluten-free cooking--from the owner of Against the Grain Gourmet.

Nancy Cain came to gluten-free cooking simply enough: Her teenage son was diagnosed with celiac disease. After trying ready-made baking mixes and finding the results rubbery and tasteless, she pioneered gluten-free foods made entirely from natural ingredients--no xanthan or guar gums or other mystery chemical additives allowed. That led her to adapt many of her family's favorite recipes, including their beloved pizzas, pastas, and more, to this real food technique. In Against the Grain, Nancy finally shares 200 groundbreaking recipes for achieving airy, crisp breads, delicious baked goods, and gluten-free main dishes.

     For any of these cookies, cakes, pies, sandwiches, and casseroles, you use only natural ingredients such as buckwheat flour, brown rice flour, and ripe fruits and vegetables. Whether you're making Potato Rosemary Bread, iced Red Velvet Cupcakes, Lemon-Thyme-Summer Squash Ravioli, or Rainbow Chard and Kalamata Olive Pizza, you'll be able to use ingredients already in your pantry or easily found at your local supermarket.

     With ample information for gluten-free beginners and 100 colorful photographs, this book is a game changer for gluten-free households everywhere. 

My Thoughts on This Book:

 Are you looking to go gluten free? Looking for yummy gluten free recipes to change up your healthy eating lifestyle? When I saw this cookbook, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I don't need gluten free recipes for our family but I do want to lighten up our diets of wheat. This cookbook gives a fresh start to letting go of wheat food and to welcome new flours for baking and cooking. These recipes do not skimp on flavor or taste. 

Homemade breads, crusts, and desserts are lined within the pages of this cookbook. Each one more delicious than the next. I love making my own bread and now I can't wait to try each and everyone of them in this book. It also gives you the recipe to do a sourdough starter.. Yum! 

The first part of the cookbook is learning about gluten free baking. From learning some basic tools, to stocking your kitchen cupboards with all the necessary ingredients.

The cookbook then is broken down by food categories:
Traditional Breads and Flatbreads
Quick Breads, Breakfast Food, and Muffins
Cookies and Bars
Pies and Desserts
Recipes Using Premade Breads.

Beautifully illustrated, easy to read recipes and completely all natural ingredients. This cookbook is a keeper in my kitchen..

I received a review copy for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Brush With Love by Rachel Hauck


A Brush With Love
by Rachel Hauck
A Year of Weddings Novella

Book Description:

Revealing the beauty in other women might be Ginger Winters’s specialty—but it will take an unexpected kind of love to help Ginger see the beauty in herself.

Ginger Winters drapes her hair over her right shoulder and adjusts the scarf around her neck to cover her scarred, withered skin. She’s had the scars since she was twelve, but she’ll never get used to the ugliness.

The fire changed Ginger’s life, but out of the pain and humiliation of her own disfigurement, one quality unexpectedly emerged: a gift for bringing out the beauty in other women. In a twelve-year ascent from top salon jobs in New York, Atlanta, and Nashville, Ginger traveled the world as personal stylist to country music sensation Tracie Blue. The success was almost enough to make her forget her own appearance.

Almost. Now that she’s opened her own salon in Rosebud after a dozen years away, the truth is staring Ginger in the face again: she’s still that girl, ugly and scarred, forever on the outside looking in. And this weekend she’ll be looking in as “beauty-maker” for the Alabama society wedding of the decade.

But when high-school crush Tom Wells shows up looking for a haircut, Ginger’s thinly veiled insecurities threaten to keep her from love once again . . . despite Tom’s best efforts. Can this professional beauty-maker manage to recognize the beauty in herself, or are some scars too deep to powder over?

My Thoughts on This Book:

 This novella tugged on my heartstrings as Ginger struggles with her self worth. After being burned in a fire at a young age, as an adult she still finds her self unattractive and won't accept any fact that someone of the opposite sex would look at her and call her beautiful, until Tom comes back into town. Tom was someone she was interested in when she was in high school but his family left in the middle of the night without explanation.

He's now back and can these two find common ground to build a relationship and can Ginger find herself beautiful? Great story..

About the Author:

RITA Finalist and Carol Award winner Rachel Hauck was recently chosen by Family Fiction readers as one of the top five romance authors in CBA. She has written more than fifteen novels, including the acclaimed Songbird novels with multi-platinum country singer Sara Evans. Rachel lives in central Florida with her husband, and writes from her ivory tower (her office really is in a tower—and it’s painted ivory!).

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.. No other compensation was given.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The First Principle by Marissa Shrock


The First Principle
by Marissa Shrock

About This Book:

In the not-too-distant future, the United Regions of America has formed. Governors hold territories instead of states, and while Washington, DC, is gone, the government has more control than ever before. For fifteen-year-old Vivica Wilkins, the daughter of a governor, this is life as usual. High school seems pretty much the same--until one day, that controlling power steps right through the door during study hall.

When Vivica speaks out to defend her pregnant friend against the harsh treatment of Population Management Officer Marina Ward, she has no idea she's sowing the seeds of a revolution in her own life. But it isn't long before she discovers her own illegal pregnancy. Now she has to decide whether to get the mandatory abortion--or follow her heart, try to keep the baby, and possibly ruin her mother's chances at becoming president.

A rebel group called the Emancipation Warriors, who are fighting to restore freedoms once held unalienable, offer her asylum. Can Vivica trust these rebels to help her or will they bring everything crashing down around her? Accepting their help may come with consequences she isn't ready to face.

Marissa Shrock's debut novel crafts a chilling story of what may be to come if we allow the economic and moral crises currently facing our country to change the foundations on which we built our independence--and of the difference one person can make when they choose to trust God's lead.

My Thoughts on This Book:

I was intrigued to read this book after skimming the back cover. I follow politics, and when I saw this book discuss a futuristic approach to America I knew I wanted to read it. At first, I was struck by the background story of the possible future of America and the realistic structure of what really could be our future..

After getting past the details of our country in the story, the characters came to life for me. Vivica finding herself pregnant, knowing the government will force her to terminate due to the law that requires mandatory terminations in underage girls. She realizes she wants her child to live but it's not that easy when your mother is a governor for 1/3 of America and wants to run for President.

 This past paced story, brings adventure, and a little realistic background description of the possibilities America may face if our government continues to work in the ways they are now. I felt that part of the story was a little too close to the truth.. I loved it all.. I was hooked from page one!

This book is cataloged for young adult but could definitely be a story that anyone young and old would enjoy!

Interested in reading this story/book? You can purchase an e-book copy February 10-15 for only $1.99. Get it HERE
Marissa Shrock is a writer and language arts teacher who enjoys working with her fun seventh grade students. She is a graduate of Taylor University and has completed the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Apprentice, Journeyman, and Craftsman courses. She is  a member of ACFW.
Marissa has written articles for teens and adults in Evangel and Encounter. The First Principle is her debut novel.
In her spare time Marissa loves spending time with family and friends, shopping for cute clothes, traveling, baking, and playing golf.
- See more at:

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.