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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Troubled Waters by Susan May Warren Review

Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue #4)

Troubled Waters
by Susan May Warren
Book 4 Montana Rescue Series

About This Book:

Billionaire Ian Shaw can have everything he wants–except a happy ending. Or at least that’s what it feels like with his fortune recently liquidated, his niece, Esme, still missing, and the woman he loves refusing to speak to him. In fact, he doubts she would date him even if they were stranded on a deserted island.

Despite her love for Ian, Sierra Rose knows he has no room in his life for her as long as the mystery of his missing niece goes unsolved. The only problem is, Sierra has solved it, but a promise to Esme to keep her whereabouts secret has made it impossible to be around Ian.

When the PEAK chopper is damaged and Sierra lacks the funds to repair it, Ian offers a fundraising junket for large donors on his yacht in the Caribbean. But the three-day excursion turns into a nightmare when a rogue wave cripples the yacht and sends the passengers overboard. Shaken up and soaked to the bone, Ian finally has a chance to test his theory when he and Sierra do indeed find themselves washed up on a strange, empty shore.

It will take guts and gumption for the PEAK team to rescue the duo. But it will take a miracle to rescue Ian and Sierra’s relationship.

My Thoughts on This Book:

I came across Susan's book series when Book 1 came out "Wild Montana Skies". I wanted to read it originally because it was based in Montana, near Glacier National Park. I love reading anything related to the state I live in so I was excited to dive in. I was not disappointed at all by this series. Each book began where the previous book left off so I think it would be great to read them all in order. I have come to look forward to reading about the heroes of each book as I turn the pages.

The best part about this book series is she doesn't leave the characters from the previous books in the previous books. We get to interact with them in each book. We get to hear about Kacey and Ben from book 1, Jess and Pete from Book 2, Gage from Book 3 and now Ian and Sierra.

This is Book 4 in the series. The story is about Ian Shaw, a billionaire trying to help those he feels he has wronged while searching for his missing niece Esme and his previous assistant Sierra. Firing her was a huge mistake but Ian isn't sure how to make up for it and bring Sierra back into his life.

We have been following their story since the beginning but now we get to dive deeper into their lives. Sierra only wants Ian. Her former boss, but he has been so consumed with finding Esme, that there wasn't any room for her in his life. Trying to move on, working at the PEAK Rescue, her life rejoins Ian when she needs him to help build funds to keep PEAK open for business after their helicopter went down and needed of expensive repairs. Sierra decides to put together a fundraiser weekend on Ian Shaw's yacht. Wooing his friends with fancy meals, and fun adventures to help them open up their pocket books and save PEAK.

A cruise trip to Cancun, a jet ski accident, a yacht accident and possibly love? Will it finally make an appearance for Sierra and Ian or will something else keep them apart.. Will the weekend trip to save PEAK cost them their lives? You will find out in Book 4 of this series..  Full of adventure, suspense, and romance. A perfect combination! Can't wait to read Book 5 in this series.. A series I could keep reading...

About the Author:

Image result for susan may warren

Susan May Warren is the National Best-selling, RITA, Christy and Carol award-winning novelist of over fifty novels. Also a multi-winner of the Inspirational Readers Choice award, the HOLT, the Inspy's and the Swoony award, Susan loves to write and to teach people how to write through her website: Find her books at

I have received a copy of this book from the publisher free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given...

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Temperature Blanket- Let's Get Started

I have been wanting to complete a crocheted temperature blanket for a few years. Before hand I was a bit intimidated by the daily need to stitch a row for an entire year. Well after completing a year long goal of running/walking 2,017 miles in 12 months I knew I could accomplish this task.

The New Year is in just two days so have to get everything ready and organized to make this year long goal a success. I did my research on how others did their blankets. I didn't want to make this overly complicated or overly expensive with too many yarn colors to choose from.

I decided on doing 12 to represent the bitter cold and the heat that Montana brings us each year.

These above are the colors I chose for my blanket. I wasn't too fond of the reds and purples that most used to represent the temperatures. I wanted to be able to look at the blanket at year's end and not want to tuck it away somewhere unused because I didn't like the colors it was made of. I am more of a neutral kind of girl. Earthy colors. I added the blue tones because every time I think of the bitter cold that we are currently experiencing here in Montana (-12 right now) I think of icicle blues.. So thought that was fitting.

Most have done single rows representing the days high. I plan on making granny squares of each day to represent that days high temperature instead of single rows. I think the blanket will come out better in the end and more eye appealing.

I have found a neat chart where I can log my daily highs so I can make my granny squares once a week so I am not tied down to doing it every single day since I work a full time job and homeschool my youngest still.

You can venture over to Magnolia Tree website to check out their downloadable chart so you too can get started in the New Year..

I purchased two skeins of each color and wrote down each color and lot # in case I need to purchase more. Now just need to find a really nice basket to stand the yarn I am currently using upright so I can easily get to it each week.

Are you making a temperature blanket in 2018? Would love to hear from you on your ideas! Happy New Year!

New Year = New Goals

2018 is just around the corner. This time of year allows me time to reflect on the past year and look to the new year. This has definitely been an eventful year for me and my family.

2017 Recap:

  • Signed up and accomplished 2,017 miles in 2017.
  • Trained and completed my first ever half marathon
  • Watched my oldest son graduate homeschool high school
  • Got a job at Hobby Lobby to set up store to then get offered Assistant Manager and Home D├ęcor Dept. Lead
  • My DD23 got deployed to Dubai for 6 months with the Air Force
  • My oldest son became an adult
  • My youngest son turned 16
  • Hitting my goal weight after 3 years of working towards a healthier me through fitness/food
  • I was diagnosed with Hydrosalpinx and will undergo an outpatient surgery beginning of year

This is me on the right before I ran my half marathon in May. On right is me 3 years ago, miserable with my weight gain. Weight loss and fitness goal achieved this year

Looking ahead to 2018 I have thought of some goals I had in mind to focus on. I have purchased a Commit30 planner/journal that will help me accomplish these goals. This awesome journal/planner breaks down each goal into 30 day commitment challenges. Something that is very doable instead of focusing so hard on a 12 month long goal which seems overwhelming at times.

 I have used many planners in the past, even tried to design my own. With my busy life now that I work full time and still homeschool my youngest, I didn't have time to design my pages and then actually use them so I got discouraged and didn't even try. This planner is set out exactly how I need it. 30 day increments to tackle the goals I set forth.

2018 GOALS:

My year long goal is to read the bible in chronological order. I am not going to put an absolute date to finish before end of year. Just to read it in chronological order until complete.  I have read the bible in its entirety 3 times through the Bible in 90 Days. I now would like to read it in the order of time. I already own this wonderful study bible so now I picked up a reading plan as well as the journal below so that I can be faithful in the Word this year.

With my Bible reading goal this year, I want to make God more of a priority in my life. This means weekly church services. I have let that slide due to my working full time now and only having Sundays to run errands and get household things done. This past month I have rearranged my schedule so that my grocery shopping is now on Monday evenings after work and laundry is Sunday afternoon-evenings. It's time to bring God back into my life and to make him first. To do this I've purchased this wonderful Sermon Notes journal since I love taking notes on Sunday mornings. It helps me remember what was said and I can reflect when I return home on that week's topic or discussion.

That was my spiritual goals this year.. Let's move onto my physical goals.. I accomplished my half marathon and running/walking 2,017 miles this past year. What is in store for me this year?

Weight lifting and virtual races. I have been following Flex It Pink on Facebook. A company that sends monthly boxes to motivate women to get physically fit. I have joined in their virtual races in the past but decided this is the year to commit to their monthly boxes. This one above is their sneak peak for their January box. You still have time to sign up for this. Ships January 5th at

Virtual races is what I found this year while on Facebook. There is so many different companies out there that support runners and walkers to set a goal and achieve it. You get a beautiful medal, race bib and in some cases a shirt too. These challenges have really helped me be a better runner. I have never been a competitive runner so our local races have always been a bit intimidating. These 'races' allow me to run wherever I want, whenever I want and for how long I want. Most are a 5K/10K race or you can do a half marathon on some too. I have 4 races lined up for December that are Christmas themed that are now on hold since I have to have surgery on January 2nd to remove my fallopian tube due to Hydrosalpinx. After recovery these races will be done along with the others I've posted above. All ready to be earned!

Weight lifting is my ultimate goal for physical fitness. Since I focused heavily on running all the miles this past year I have neglected weight lifting because I didn't have anymore time in the day to devote to it, even more so once I started working full time.

On January 15th, I am taking part with Beach Body 80 Day Obsession Challenge. 80 days of daily workouts to build muscle. 80 days to jumpstart my weight training goals and to ultimately finish my full body transformation.


I have had making a temperature blanket on my bucket list for a couple years. Since I was down this past week without work tending to my pain, I crocheted my youngest son a blanket for his 16th birthday. I got such pleasure in creating this special keepsake for him and he loves it. This allowed me to remember this bucket list goal to complete a temperature blanket so I have collected 12 different colors to represent the weather for 2018.

Downloaded a year long chart where I add the high temp each day so I can keep track of it. I plan to make granny squares to represent each day instead of a row. This will challenge me a little more and will make a nice colorful, larger blanket at the end of the year. The chart will allow me to make the granny squares once a week instead of once a day since I will be working full time this year.

I am excited for this coming year. A lot to achieve and accomplish but they are all great goals and things I absolutely look forward to.. I plan to blog more this year journaling my accomplishments and my journey..

Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 29, 2017

One Word 2018

It's that time again. A new year is fast approaching and time to do some reflecting and looking to the future.. In 2017 my One Word was DETERMINED. I posted about it HERE

This past year I was determined to complete things. I ran my first ever half marathon in May. I completed 2,017 miles (running/walking). These two things were a one time accomplishment.  The half marathon was a bucket list idea for the past 4 years and so blessed that I was able to complete it. A five month training commitment. As for running/walking 2017 miles. That was a huge milestone to complete this. An entire year commitment. In the past I ran no more than 650 miles in a year so this was HUGE. I don't plan to sign up again in the coming year. Running/Walking 2,017 miles was a huge undertaking. All my spare time went into cardio with running and walking. 5.5 miles a day for 365 days. My goal in the coming year is to focus on health. Weight lifting and muscle building with running as something to do for fun. I have started running with virtual races online. I run a 5k or 10k here at my house on my own route, log the miles and time on their website and I get a really fancy medal! This has been the best motivation to better myself as a runner.

I have been choosing a ONE WORD since 2011. I love having a word to focus on for an entire year. This year I was putting some thought into what word I wanted to choose for 2018. It took me literally 5 minutes to think this one up. A record for me..


I chose this word after purchasing a 2018 planner Commit30.

This year, my goal is to commit but in smaller portions and that's where this new planner will benefit me. It's designed to break down goals and new habits in 30 day increments. 


  • Commit 30 days at a time to make healthy changes
  • Commit to building muscles instead of focusing on cardio and running as sole fitness options
  • Commit to more virtual races that help me be a better runner for own personal goals
  • Commit to reading the Bible. I would like to read my Chronological Bible in One Year.
  • Commit to healthy food choices by doing the I Quit Sugar detox then onto a Whole 30 month to help get me back to eating right with working full time
  • Commit to saving as much money as we can for house updates and savings account
  • Commit to my health, to return to 100% non toxic, chemical free items in home and personal care items
  • Commit to dating my husband at least twice a month. Something fun that will help us build our relationship after 20 years of marriage
  • Commit to returning to church weekly now that my schedule at work is back to being consistent
  • Commit to focusing on date nights with my boys because my time with them is coming to a close shortly. One is already 18 and the other just turned 16.
  • Commit to using this blog more as a journal, sharing my life, family, faith and hobbies.
These are just a few things that have come to mind while typing this post. I am sure there is more areas that I will COMMIT to in the coming year.

I welcome the New Year and embrace the possibilities of God's grace and faithfulness.

Do you have a ONE WORD for the upcoming year? Would love to hear it in the comments below..