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Thursday, January 2, 2020

Reflections of the Past Year

As the new year has arrived, it's time to reflect on the past year. I have been participating in the One Word challenge since 2011 and absolutely love how it helps me each year. In 2019 my word was INVEST.

After leaving my full time job and coming home it was time for me to INVEST in my own personal goals. I thought this post would be great to reflect on what my goals were when I chose this word and the outcome now that the year has come to a close.. (The highlighted/underlined sentences were my goals and my responses below each one)

To complete my second half marathon in mid June with a PR around 2:50:00. 

I decided to not run this after I started training, knowing my body was no longer desiring a long run.

Earn at least 2 race medals a week for the year through virtual running

I earned a total of 24 through US Road Running virtual races along with a few more from other virtual race companies. 

Run consistently a 10 min mile

I actually ended up slowing down due to lack of consistently running

Build muscle

I sadly am the same as I was when posting that I wanted to build muscle.. Due to not being consistent with working out..

Eat clean, get back to unprocessed

I haven't made this a full time habit yet, but made a lot of progress in letting go of certain things, including caffeine. I was getting heart palpitations from drinking 2-3  cups of coffee a day and decided to go cold turkey about 4 months ago and I am happy I did. More natural energy and not sluggish half way through the day.

Run 1,000 miles by end of year

I didn't hit the 1,000 miles but did complete 602.6 miles

Blog more weekly

As you can see this was ONE BIG FAIL.. Going to work on this in 2020.

Learn my camera and get out there to photograph more

I am so happy that I took this to the next level and finally started my own photography business. You can check it out at my other blog at or my website at

Paint my home, start a garden and look into getting chickens for our home

We put the chickens idea on hold trying to figure out if we want to do more traveling as well as a garden because we live in the country and our  acreage is not fenced so we have deer wandering daily through our house. Have to figure out how to get a garden set up and safe from our little furry passerby's. Plus we are on a cistern, so have to factor in how we will water the garden. Maybe 2020 is the year..?

I did get the shed painted. Just need to finish up the trim and work on the garage this Summer. The home itself just needs trim to paint since I painted the bulk back in Summer 2017.

Learn brush lettering and loom knitting
Complete my temperature crocheted blanket and t-shirt quilt (both have been started)

Sadly no projects were made at all this year. They got pushed aside so I could focus on launching my business..

Never forget to laugh, and enjoy the company of friends

I did intentionally enjoy the company of friends this year. Bonding with one and forming a best friend, friendship. I am blessed.

Go on one intentional date each month with my love of 21 years

We didn't go on 'dates' each month as far as scheduled events but we did make a point to spend as much time as possible together, from hunting, drives, working out, and going away for our anniversary, I am one blessed wife to have this amazing husband by my side!

Here is to another great year, and another list of achievable goals. Check out my recent post that highlights my 2020 goals and my ONE WORD @ A Vision Reborn Post.

Anyone have one goal that you completed and are proud of? I would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

One Mile at a Time...

Day One.. January 1st, 2020......

Can you believe we are already in the year 2020! WOW! As you get older it seems time just passes you by. I can't believe I joined this challenge for the first time back in 2017. Three whole years ago. It doesn't seem like it. I wish I kept at it for 2018 and 2019 but I had a full time job and very little time to exercise like I wanted too.

This year is different. Regardless of how much work my business gives me I am going to chisel out time each day to make running/walking and working out a priority.

I got 5.75 miles in today. It started raining a bit just as my husband and I were heading out so we ended up walking the mall because I couldn't bare jumping on the treadmill. 

It was a great first day of the challenge. I got my husband to commit to the entire 5.75 miles which he was originally saying he would only do up to 3 so bonus points for that one! I almost have him committed to walk/run half the miles. He doesn't want to officially sign up which is okay since I do plan to complete ALL 2,020 miles solo. It would be nice if he would join me a couple days a week because I love to workout with him. Helps pass the time and he IS pretty amazing. (wink wink)

GOALS with this Challenge:

Weight Loss:
My goals are to lose the weight I gained after I left my full time job at Hobby Lobby back in November 2018. When working I was on my feet moving, lifting, climbing, bending for 8-12 hours each day so weight gain really wasn't an issue. Plus I had little time to actually eat when working so didn't have weight issues. It was when I came home and was near food all day, and a bit more sedentary. I did workout but nothing like when I was working so the weight slowly came back.

I was 126 lbs when I completed the 2017 challenge. Over this time period I gained to 146 lbs so I have a total of 20 lbs to lose if I want to get back to that number. Right now I was super happy, comfortable in my own skin at 130 lbs. I am only 5' 2" so I really have to keep my weight at bay because it doesn't take much to be considered overweight. 

Moving is really important to me. I dislike being sedentary. I let go of caffeine a couple months ago because it was causing heart palpitations. So it's even more important to be moving because I need the natural energy to get me going each day because I am without artificial stimulants. I know 5.5 miles a day is a lot so when I can I want to add weight lifting. I have been carrying 2 lb hand weights when I run lately to help with my upper body and core. It's amazing! I add ankle weights when on the treadmill because they are too bulky to wear outside...

Running goals. With the weight gain, came a slower pace per mile. I was doing really well with an 11 min mile, now I am struggling with a 12:30 mile. So working out everyday with alternating walking and running every other day will help improve my time and as the weight comes off I am sure that will encourage some more speed. My goal this year is to find some races throughout the state to participate in. This will help my desire to travel and give me something else to work towards. My town doesn't have many races and when they do the courses are close to the same so it would be amazing to try different areas. I am hoping to pick at least 6 to participate in. I am still on the fence whether I will participate in the Bloomsday Race in Spokane, WA again this year. I wasn't really prepped for it this past year so it was a struggle to get the 7.47 miles in with a decent time. Also, my mother no longer lives in the area as she moved to be closer to my brother in Western WA this past month so we will see......

Have you set a New Years fitness goal? I would love to hear from you... Leave a comment below or come join the discussion on my Facebook Page @

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

A Vision Reborn in 2020

For awhile I haven't been blogging. Life always seems to get the best of me and this year wasn't any different. After leaving Hobby Lobby, my full time job back in November 2018, I decided this past January to work on getting my photography business off the ground after dreaming about this for over two decades. 

January and February were all about setting up Facebook pages, websites and getting my portfolio set up. I literally spent all my spare time focusing on getting it launched. In June I officially started taking paid customers and things just took off from there.

Within that time period, I photographed everything from back to school portraits for the homeschooling community, Sparkettes of Montana group shots, 911 Hero Run, Homeschool Soccer Team, Families, Youth, Senior High Graduates, Maternity, Couples, Business/Commercial, and Real Estate photography. I had an amazing first year and look forward to where God leads me in 2020. 

What does this mean for Ladybug Chronicles. I absolutely want to focus more on posting about my second love... Health/Fitness/Running and DIY projects that I have neglected to work on this past year.

My goals with this blog is to share healthy recipes, fitness tips, DIY projects, and life fun!

If you have followed my blog at all over the years you know I love to have One Word that gets me through each year. This year I have decided to use the word VISION. I thought it very fitting since we are entering 2020... Get it 20/20 vision... hee hee!

So what does VISION mean to me for the coming year?

The word Vision stokes the idea of sight. To be alert, to see and not to be blind.

This means a lot of things for me. Personally, physically, mentally, business-wise, and family-wise, & money-wise.

I want to take this year to visualize my personal goals. On December 22 my youngest turned 18 and he is looking to leave the nest here soon so what does this mean? Empty-nest. After 25 years of parenthood, with 15 of those years were homeschooling my children, having them around full time. So this is an adjustment period for me that I need to take the time to visualize this next season of my life while working on me projects. Finishing my running race t-shirt quilt, crocheting my temp blanket and learning how to use my Cricut machine. 


I have neglected my daily runs and working out because I have put work first. This year my vision is to make this a priority with participating in the 2020 Run the Year Challenge and making sure I eat healthy, wholesome meals and really watch my calorie intake. JUST MOVE MOVE MOVE! I have 20 lbs to lose and this is the year it's coming off!


Mentally I need to pay attention to how this empty nest time period will affect me and how I will channel that to more positive areas in my life including working on my friendships and marriage. These two have been such a blessing to me this past year. I have grown so much as a wife to my loving and devoted husband of 22 years and have formed a beautiful, positive bond with my best friend. I couldn't be anymore blessed.


My vision for my business now has changed since I started this past year. I had so many wonderful clients come my way and got to photograph so many different areas of photography. During this time though I have fallen in love with real estate and commercial photography and business branding so this is where I will focus most of my time in 2020. Building a client list of real estate agents so I can do this full time. I also fell in love with Senior High, Maternity and Couples so this will be an area of my business that I will do on a part time basis along with professional head shots to compliment my business branding sessions.

I believe to be the best in your field you can't do it all. So I live by that.. I want to be able to focus all my time/energy in being the best real estate/business photographer, to be efficient, and to produce the best quality photos for every agent that contacts me.


I have had a rocky year with extended family. My father passed away in July 2018 and I haven't recovered from that fully. During this time period, my mother decided to move closer to my brother leaving a 12 hour gap between us. We have never been close, but I have always prayed we would so her turning towards my brother as she always does, stings. So my goal this year is to work on the family that I can love and support. My three children and my husband. They mean the world to me, and they equally care about me. That is what is important. I need to visualize the positive things instead of focusing on the negative and things I don't have control over.

Money-Wise:Debt Free

We have had the vision to be debt free for almost two decades now. Our only debt is our mortgage, owning everything else. 18 years ago my husband and I went through a financial course by Larry Burkett, he is similar to Dave Ramsey, helping us to be financially free. What an amazing adventure we have been on so far. Our debt free journey is all about paying off our home. Before moving, we started actively paying down our mortgage, when my husband and I said we want to pay it off, but not THIS house. So we purchased this one in May 2018. Within that time period of 17 months we have chiseled over 10 years of our 30 year mortgage off. Our goal is to have this paid off in 5 years... 

So that is why I chose VISION for my One Word 2020. 

My GOALS for 2020:

DIY projects:
I have a lot of home projects that I can't wait to dive into this year. I will blog about them as they get done..

Fitness goals:
I will be sharing here as well. All about my running adventures and goals as well as my fitness routine. Successes and failures including my progress with Run the Year.

Healthy Living:
This is another passion of mine. Eating right because 80% of your effort is your diet while only 20% is your exercise so if you don't have your diet under control you can't make up for it in the gym. I plan to post recipes that we've enjoyed and some healthy living tips that I have gleaned along the way. We are down to just the two of us now, so portion sizes will need to be adjusted. Get to learn how to cook for 2. 

Country Life:
We purchased our acre in the country back in May 2018. We have some projects to do outside that I will share as we tackle them. I am on the fence on whether we will jump into true country life with getting some chickens. The jury is still out on that because hubby and I are looking to do more traveling...

With a new home comes new organization. I love to organize things and share what works and doesn't. This home has so much more storage than my previous home and after living here for over a year I still have drawers that are empty. I am looking forward to making each drawer and cabinet work and to utilize all this amazing space to make this house our home. 

Thanks to all the loyal followers that have stuck around over the past year. I look forward to putting the effort in making this blog something you enjoy to come back to... See you all in the New Year...

Run The Year 2020 Challenge

I am super excited to participate for the second year with the Run the Year 2020 Challenge. I participated in this back in 2017 and saw so many positive results physically by year's end. During that time I trained for my half marathon. You can read about my half marathon adventure HERE.

Not sure I will make such a lofty goal of another half marathon, but I am planning to complete all 2,020 miles solo by running and walking. I am looking to add some local 5k and maybe 10k races to keep me motivated and hopefully find some nearby in adjacent cities to mix things up. 

What I love about this particular challenge is there is so much support and encouragement through the community via Facebook groups. This year there is more than just the main page but also one for each state and another group for those that are focusing on using this challenge for weight loss and health benefits.

The challenge starts tomorrow and I can't wait. I have put fitness on the back burner this past year after leaving my full time job at Hobby Lobby and then pursuing my photography business so this will allow me to think daily on how important it is to get and move each day! During this time I have put on an extra 15 lbs and thru the challenge these bad boys are history!

Let's do this! Do you have any New Year's Fitness goals? I would love to hear about them.