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Sunday, September 28, 2014

October Unprocessed Begins Soon...

October Unprocessed 2014

Last year I took the October Unprocessed Challenge. We've been eating mostly unprocessed for a few years now but sometimes things go awry and the nasty food slips back into your life even if it's a little bit. Last year that's what happened. So taking the challenge helped me reset my eating habits and my shopping list.

I'm taking the October Unprocessed Challenge again this year. Mainly for the same reasons as last year but also for some new ones. It's been a hectic year with remodeling a couple rooms and selling off 17 years of hobby supplies that I let some unhealthy food into our home. I've then corrected that by taking it back out. 

I want to use this month to try new wholesome recipes, along with some new foods. I've gotten myself in a dinner food rut. I've found about a dozen recipes I keep switching around and my palette is getting real bored of these meals. So I would like to use this month to introduce more unprocessed options, help kick the sugar habit that I have, and hopefully shed some more weight.

I would like to post over the next month some new recipes that I've tried and love as well as some canning recipes that I've been working on over the Summer. 

Are you interested in taking the October Unprocessed Challenge? It's never to late to get involved. It's official start date is October 1st.. Check out the website HERE and take the challenge with me..

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hidden in the Stars by Robin Carroll- Quilts of Love Series

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
is introducing
Hidden in the Stars
Abingdon Press (September 16, 2014)
Robin Caroll


Born and raised in Louisiana, Robin Caroll is a southerner through and through. Her passion has always been to tell stories to entertain others. Robin’s mother, bless her heart, is a genealogist who instilled in Robin the deep love of family and pride of heritage—two aspects Robin weaves into each of her books.

When she isn’t writing, Robin spends time with her husband of twenty-plus years, her 3 beautiful daughters, 2 precious grandsons, and their character-filled pets at home—in the South, where else?

My Thoughts on This Book:
Are you looking for a little suspense with a dash of romance to read for your next book adventure? Look no further. This book grabbed me from the first page. After being attacked by two men that Sophia doesn't know, but her mother did, she is in the hospital trying to put the pieces of the event in order to help the detectives. When finding out that the attack took the life of her mother, she starts to unravel memories of her past and things her mother said to her. Finding out her grandmother is alive after her mother said she died when Sophia was younger, the mysteries of her mother start to unfold. This is one of my favorites in the Quilts of Love Series.. Loved it!


Following an attack that killed her mother and stole her ability to speak, 21-year-old Sophia Montgomery has no choice but to accept her estranged grandmother’s offer to return to their family home. Although detective Julian Frazier is working hard on the case, Sophia unknowingly frustrates him because her inability to speak thwarts her eyewitness evidence. The fact that Julian is undeniably attracted to Sophia doesn’t help either, so Julian hides his feelings as concern for a trauma victim and focuses instead on finding the killer.

Little do they know, the clues to solving the case may be right in front of them, displayed in Sophia’s mother’s “special” quilt design. Who will realize the secret Sophia’s unwittingly been hiding in plain sight? When the truth comes to light, will Sophia find her voice again? Or will the murderer—still at large—silence her forever?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Hidden in the Stars, go HERE.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sickness and In Health

It has been a roller coaster of a September for me. After deciding to finally let go of my card making hobby of 17+ years, I've been gathering, pulling out and categorizing my stuff to get it all for sale. I started trying to sell it locally but ended up putting it all on Ebay which seems to be doing well. I'm not done though. After over a week of posting daily I've had to come to a slow crawl. My teen son got the flu over the weekend and this thing is not letting up. He's still down with it after 4 days and not sure when he'll be back to his old self again.

I have a large amount of posts I want to share but need to finish up with selling off all my card making supplies so I can get back to some form of normalcy. With my son sick, he's taken up all my free time trying to nurse him back to health and this mama is tired. I stopped posting my items on Ebay for the past couple days and I know I need the energy to get back and finish this up. It's been going on long enough. I'm ready to move on, and put this in the past.

Even though I'm at a slow crawl with selling because of my son's sickness, I'm happy that it's going well. I look forward to the next chapter of my life. Some of the 'proceeds' of my crafting sales is going to buy an upgraded camera. A DSLR. I'm so excited. I'm researching models and finding the perfect camera that will fit my needs for today and the future. I want this to be the camera I will have for years to come. One that will adapt as I gain more and more knowledge with my digital photography. I've had a photography blog for years and have shared photos I've taken but now I want to take my photography to the next level and work towards becoming more professional. Maybe even bring it to a business for the future when my kiddos are grown.. Something to think about...
I also want to devote more time to my blogging. I have a lot of recipes, D.I.Y projects and homeschooling ideas to share... so stay tuned...

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A July Bride by Beth Wiseman


A July Bride
by Beth Wiseman

About the Book:

Can she forgive the man who left her at the altar?

Alyssa Pennington dated Brendan Myers for three years before she accepted his proposal. For almost a year, Alyssa's friends and family helped her plan a lovely wedding to take place in the church she'd grown up in. It was the happiest day of her life when she walked down the aisle to be united with the man of her dreams. But when Brendan left her at the altar, Alyssa was consumed by humiliation, embarrassment, and a broken heart that wouldn't allow her to trust anyone. Especially Brendan.

Brendan Myers knows he will spend the rest of his life regretting what he did to Alyssa, the only woman he's ever loved. Without her, his life is empty. In one fateful moment, he'd panicked, destroyed their future, and ruined everything. Now he plans to win her back.

But winning back his bride might prove much more difficult than he can imagine. And even if he does get her to the altar again, will she think turnabout is fair play?

My Thoughts on This Book:

What would happen if you were left at the altar? That's what happened to Alyssa. After dating her boyfriend, the love of her life for years, the wedding date approaches. Not realizing that it would not be a happily ever after moment for her, Alyssa tries to start over by dating her brother's friend Dalton. Can Alyssa move on and let go of the hopes and dreams of marrying her best friend Brendan, or accept her fate of learning to love another? Fast paced story that you will want to read all the way until the end.

I received an ebook copy of this book for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Out With the Old, In With the New

For the past year I've been feeling like it's time to let go of some things that I've been holding onto, mainly because it's been a huge part of my life for over 17 years, it's familiar, and for the longest time has brought me joy.. For the past year though, it really hasn't. Your probably wondering what I'm talking about? Well, it's card making. The first year of my marriage I decided to start making homemade cards for family and friends. First starting out with Christmas cards, then adding birthday, thank you's, thinking of you's and then branched off from there.

When my youngest son was born three days before Christmas, I even changed the time period for making my Christmas cards to July or August of each year and have been doing that for 13 years now. I've devoted a lot of time, money, resources and energy to this hobby, and not wanting to leave out space as well.. (it takes up about 60% of my office)

I've been unhappy with this hobby for sometime and didn't really put much thought to it until my birthday. I had a few people tell me they couldn't possibly send me a birthday card because it couldn't compare to the ones I make. Yes, that was a complement but it hurt. I don't judge people and have never done so when people have sent me store bought cards. My son gave me a birthday card this year on a post it note. Was it less important than the one's I make? Absolutely not! He made that card out of love. I received store bought cards each year from my extended family and love each and every one of them. 

I know I should of brushed off the comment but unfortunately it's been said to me on more than one occasion over the years. I've also heard lots of praises about how they love 'receiving' my cards but it seems nobody out there pays much attention to the fact that I may want to 'receive' cards, notes, letters in the mail from them.

So for 17 years, I've devoted our extra finances, my time and energy to put together cards with notes, etc and sending them out to I can't even begin to remember how many people and get back a handful over the years. In the beginning it was the feeling of brightening people's day by sending them a little note in the mail or wishing them a Happy Birthday but as I'm getting older, I'm realizing the one way street of relationships has worn me down. 

So with that being said, I'm ready to move onto other things. Hobbies that will impact me more personally. Card making impacts those I give too. Yes, I enjoy the process of making the cards but need a recipient to make the full circle, if that makes sense. I need hobbies that only involve me.

I've decided to embark on my photography skills. Getting more involved in learning more about digital photography and working on building on what I already know to become a better photographer. I also have other hobbies that over the past decade have been stronger on my mind than card making and feel holding onto this is dragging me down and not allowing me to use that time and energy to work on these other things I have a passion for.. including:

  • Canning (have a ton of recipes to share soon)
  • Cooking, baking
  • Cake making and decorating ( I want to take courses at the local craft store to better my skills)
  • D.I.Y projects
  • Running, Fitness, Health
  • Hunting
As you can see I'm not lacking in the hobbies department. I have plenty of things to keep me occupied and look forward to spending more of my free time indulging in them.. 

I plan on liquidating my stamping supplies this week. I'll be selling most all of it on Ebay and you can check out what I have to offer at this link @  If anyone here is interested in expanding your card making, paper crafting, scrapbooking supplies, this will be the place to look. I have over 17 yrs of supplies, all in excellent condition and a lot brand new.. Stampin Up products and more..Check back daily... As I liquidate and add items as fast as I can, homeschooling, being a mother etc tends to take up some time each day so be patient.. I have a lot to offer so keep checking..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Homeschool Week 1 in Review

 photo books-clipart-2.jpg 

I'd like to post a Homeschool Week in Review each week for 2014-15. I'll be sharing some of their hands on projects, and experiments that they've completed each week.

We finished up our first week of school on August 29th. Since it was the first week nothing spectacular happened. With their science books, the experiments will start coming this coming week so I'll have more to post on that.

This week DS12 did a hands on project for his history "America the Beautiful" from Notgrass. He made a Longhouse while studying about American Indians.

 photo 012_zps8a2bf97c.jpg

We'll see what Week 2 has in store for us. We didn't do anything on Monday since it was Labor Day and hubby had it off so we are back to school today and the rest of the week..