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Friday, May 27, 2011

Read for the Heart Review


I have had the opportunity through the TOS Crew to receive and review "Read For the Heart" by Sarah Clarkson.

What is Read For the Heart?

Keeping this volume close at hand is like having a child's librarian for a best friend! A great book spurs the imagination in childhood, inspires our dreams in adulthood, and nourishes the soul with depictions of life fully and courageously lived. Among the greatest gifts you can bequeath to a child are a love for reading and a passion for books. But how do you sort through the many thousands of books available to your children to find those that are worthwhile?

Let Sarah Clarkson be your guide to the best in literature for your family. From timeless classics to modern favorites, from picture books to adventure novels to read-aloud favorites, more than 1,000 wonderful stories for young people are recommended within these pages. Now you can make great literature a lasting part of your child's life and education.

My Thoughts on this Book:

I am absolutely in love with this book. It is hard to go through all the books that are out there to find appropriate ones for your children. Sarah has helped take the guesswork out of this difficult task. This is a great book to go to, to locate the perfect book to check out at the library or to purchase for your bookshelf. Includes brief descriptions that are right there with the listing. Includes many books not already in other booklist style books out there.

As a Christian parent of three growing children, I am concerned about the books my children are exposed to. It's difficult to really search out books that give good moral character lessons and are not full of worldly influence. This book is full of books that are worth reading and sharing. The book titles are listed by age groups and also includes a notice if there is upsetting content. A++ in my book!

The Cost of this Product?
Retail cost of this paperback book is $17.00

Contact Info:

You can purchase this book at Apologia or wherever paperback books are sold

I received this product as a part of my involvement in the 2010-2011 TOS Crew in exchange for an honest review of this product. No other compensation was given.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mad Dog Math Review


I have had the opportunity to receive and review Mad Dog Math through my participation in the TOS Crew.

What is Mad Dog Math?

From their website "Mad Dog Math is a supplement to any math curriculum... taking the basic facts and braking them down into bite-sized pieces that any child can master. A child progresses through a series of timed drills at his/her own pace."


How To Use This Product?

*Enables children to master their +, -, x, and ÷ facts in a fun challenging, exciting, and motivating way
*Math supplement for any math curriculum
*For grades K through 5th; remedial middle school and high school
*Standard, daily 10 minute time commitment from start to finish
*Huge body of math facts broken down into bite-sized pieces any child can master

There are three levels to this program plus a challenge level. Levels 1 and 2 are addition, subtraction and Level 3 is Multiplication and division. Each lesson consists of twenty math problems on levels 1 or w and twenty-four problems on the other two levels.

Your child will move through short, timed practice pages. It is designed around your child— if your child misses two or fewer problems, they will move to the next set of facts, if they don't pass, they will work on that same set again.

Mad Dog Math is available for Windows only, and it will track mor than one student throughout the entire program. You can try it out for free at their website, and that gives you access to the first fact family in all three of the levels.

As your child masters each level he will get a sticker that will be placed on the top right corner of their screen. So far my son has earned one.

My Thoughts on this Curriculum?

We really enjoyed working through this. We've had it for a little over a month and I have seen a lot of improvement in my son's division. He is middle elementary age so working through the addition and subtraction was easy for him but he did enjoy the multiplication and division. He was eager to beat the clock. As he worked through each level it went from 2 minutes to 1 minute to 30 seconds to complete each page. This really helped him in memorizing and working through the math facts quickly and most of the time he didn't even have to think before typing it in.

How Much Does this Cost?

To purchase, you can choose a one or two year license for $19.99 and $29.99 or a perpetual license for $39.99 and download the software immediately. Windows 32 bit or 64 bit software available.

Contact Info:

Phone(562) 533-5772

Mailing AddressMad Dog Math
4562 Ocana Avenue
Lakewood, CA 90713

I received this product as a part of my involvement in the 2010-2011 TOS Crew in exchange for an honest review of this product. No other compensation was given.