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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In The Beginning There Is Ladybug Chronicles..

Today is the day to bring my daily life over to my own blog. I know.. the other one is my own.. but I want to focus solely on homeschooling on that blog and the day to days of homeschooling the boys. Here I can be myself.. Talk about my likes and dislikes.. The things that go on in my head as a wife and mother and not JUST a homeschool Mom...

I am not sure if I have really mentioned my hobbies.. but I really enjoy making my own greeting cards and scrapbooking. I would love to post pictures of these as I make them. Share recipes that my family loves and the books I love reading will be some topics I'd love to write about. I am also really into photography and look forward to doing more study on this do be better at it.. I am also really enjoying Astronomy. Learning all about the planets, the stars and figuring out my really cool telescope. My desire this year is the learn more French and German. I want to be able to speak to my hubby in German since he lived there for two years before we met. He was in the military.

It's nice to take a few steps back and look at yourself outside of homeschooling your children. I am my own person, with wants and dreams and sometimes that gets clouded up with homeschooling and lesson plans and curriculum.

So enough about homeschooling.. I am excited to have my new blog.. I am trying to get my background to download but it's having trouble so that should be up hopefully soon. I did get my header completed. That too was having problems uploading but I did get it... finally! Got to love computers. Made by man, but it always seems smarter than us.. hmmm...

I will be transferring all my meme's over here that are not homeschooling related. I won't physically move the ones I already did of course, just start posting them here from this day forward is all.

Ok, you're probably wondering why I chose Ladybug Chronicles for my blog title.. Well, when I was a child, my grandmother used to call me her little ladybug.. I loved it when she called me that. Made me feel special.. So as the years went by the nickname stayed and also came little ladybug trinkets and stuff with ladybugs on them.. I started falling in love with ladybugs after that. I love everything about them. So much, that August 2006 I got a ladybug tattoo on my back left shoulder.. I never thought I would get a tattoo.. but I knew that after 25 years of being my grandma's Little Ladybug and my love for ladybug anything, I knew it was the right choice.. I still LOVE it.. I am glad I have it.. I am also glad I waited though. It's not very big but it's also in a place where you can't see it, even in the Summer so it's my 'little secret'..

The Chronicles part means pretty much that I am going to tell you my story as time goes on.. I look forward to it.. I sometimes need to express myself and I am glad I can do that here.. Thanks for joining me on my new blog and my new journey!!


  1. Well this is a very striking and gorgeous blog dear. And talk about a rebel! A tatoo? My, my the things we learn about our friends! (ah I am razzing ya here, I don't have a problemo with tatoos, as a lot of my pals have one or two)-I hope your blog is a blessing to others just like your other ones. Best wishes!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world . . . Again! Hee-hee! :-) I have seen several blogs on blogspot with these gorgeous backgrounds. Where do you get 'em? I have gotten a few things from Pyzam, but I usually make my own backgrounds and title bars. Anyway, this looks very pretty! If you have time, please e-mail me and let me know!


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