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Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Husband Rocks Meme


You know you've been married for over 10 years when you are able to sit down at a restaurant, order two different meals and when the food comes, be able to pick off each others plate without even asking and neither of you mind!

For this week's MY HUSBAND ROCKS, I wanted to briefly mention about how wonderful it is to be married to my husband for over 11 years. To be able to have those restaurant moments with him that I wouldn't want to share with any other person but him.

It's a sad time where most couples don't make it past their fifth anniversary and to look into my husband's eyes after 11 years of marriage and knowing that no other person could fill the shoes of my husband better than him.. My husband rocks because he puts up with me and takes care of me even when I don't think I need it! He sips my coffee each morning to make sure it's 'just' right.. and nothing shows more love than that for me.. I know that might be silly to most people but for me, the little things count when it comes to our marriage. The funny gestures he does each day so he can see a smile on my face.. those are priceless to me..

Tonight we went out to dinner to Pizza Hut since the boy's earned their Book It coupons this past month. Well it's -20 degrees outside with snow and ice all around. After dinner.. I headed towards my door to hop on in.. Well, my honey came over to my side, opened my door and helped me into the car. I beamed with a huge smile for quite sometime after that! Like I said, the little things count and I love him more each day!!

You can participate in My Husband Rocks.. Just go to this link and join in!

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