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Friday, January 9, 2009

My Husband Rocks Questionare


Over at the Great Adventure she hosts a weekly Meme called My Husband Rocks.. This week she has us answering the below questions about our dear hubby...

1. Where did you meet?
In Fayetteville North Carolina at a local club. Our friends actually dragged us there separately and as I was passing behind him he backed into me.. You can read our story here

2. How long did you date before you were married?
1 year and 3 months

3. What does he do that surprises you?
What I like that he did for me the other day is he got into his jacket and I thought nothing of it until he took it off and told me he warmed it up for me..

4. What is your favorite quality of his?
His love for God

5. What is your favorite feature of his?
His eyebrows. It defines his face.

6. Does he have a nickname for you?
No not really.. Just honey or sweetie

7. What is his favorite food?
Corned Beef and Cabbage. He wants me to make it for him for his birthday on Monday!

8. What is his favorite sport?
He loves fishing, and hunting.. watching and doing!

9. When and where was your first kiss?
I honestly can't remember that.. We've been together for over 12 years..sorry!

10. What do you like to do together?
We like to take hikes together, go for drives, sit and watch movies together and also chat about life together!

11. Do you have any children?
Yes, we have two together and I have another from a previous marriage. We have two boys ages 9 and 7.

12. Does he have a hidden talent?
He makes his own knives and flies for fly fishing

13. Who said "I love you" first?
That would be me.. :)

14. What is his favorite type of music?
Country and Christian and lately we've both been listening to the 80's cause we are getting older :)

15. What do you admire most about him?
His ability to always put family first

16. Do you think he will read this?
Not sure


  1. Awesome! I love your list! welcome to MHR Friday! You are officially blogrolled :)

  2. How sweet that he put his jacket on to warm it up for you! I love that!

    Have a great weekend!


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