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Friday, January 16, 2009

My Husband Rocks~Why I love My Hubby!


This week on My Husband Rocks meme, she asks us to answer the two questions below!

List at least one thing your husband did or said in the past week that reminded you why you love him.

Wow, pinpointing just one thing is a tough one. I've had a bit of a down week.. I usually feel this way every year at this time. I'm thinking its a combination of the holidays being over, putting away the tree and such and then re-evaluating my school schedule with the boy's. A lot of changes happen this month I've noticed in the past and it gets to me a bit.. My husband has been a trooper as far as my mood has been. He has been such an encouragement and an inspiration to me as I walk through this mood I am in.

I also talked to him about my desire to lose weight and get more fit. Right before I told him the success I have been having with 9 inches gone and 5 lbs lost, he came to me, and told me how lucky he was to have me as his wife and that I was looking very nice. He even gave me a little "hubby" look he gives me and it melted my heart. I then told him of my good fortunes with my exercising and he was so proud of me! I love him, not because he acknowledged me as getting thinner but that he loved me as much when I had the extra 5lbs.. That's what touched me the most.

Share a "Generous Wife Tip" A tip to do little things for your husband, little things that he could do for himself, but that he would appreciate having you do for him.

This was an easy one to answer.. There is a couple things that I love to do for him that he would rather do himself but he loves it when I do it for him. He got into the habit awhile back to do his own laundry because he felt bad that I had to do so much around the house.. Lately, I have been noticing when he would need his clothes washed and I would sneak and wash/fold them while he was at work, then put them away. He wouldn't notice them until the following day, and then he really lights up and smiles.. Also, each night, I set the coffee pot to go off at a certain time in the morning so the coffee is hot and ready when we awaken. When up I will go and get coffee for the both of us. I love to sip his while he's watching and telling him that it's just right.. He loves that I test it to make sure it's perfect for him.. It's just something cute we do for each other.. the little things to show we love and care for each other!


  1. what a sweetheart! good luck with the weight loss! love your advice too :) - oh, and i have changed your name on the blogroll :)


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