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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chalkboard Menu Planner

I would like to share my chalkboard menu planner that I made this past week. I got the original idea from The Idea Room and motified it to fit our needs and materials available. 
Materials Needed:
Picture Frame any size you would like
( I picked mine up at Michaels for 50% off)
Sheet metal the same size as your frame
(I got mine at Home Depot)
7 Magnets
Acrylic Spray Sealer-Matte
(Craft store has this)
Chalkboard Paint
(The cheapest place I found this above was Home Depot)
Metal Primer
(Home Depot is the cheapest for the primer as well)
Alphabet Scrapbook Letters
Circular Scrapbook Circles
(Both above I found in the scrapbook aisle at Michael's)
Step 1:
Scuff up metal to prepare for primer
Step 2:
Spray the metal primer over surface. Give at least three coats allowing drying time between coating.. It was hot here that day so it took less than 5 minutes between coats.
Step 3:
After the primer dries start spraying the chalkboard paint evenly over of the metal. Two to three coats allowing drying time between coats..
Step 4:
With the side of a piece of chalk rub it all over the chalkboard until you cover the entire surface then erase.
Step 5:
To make the days of the week for your chalkboard, you will need the first letter of each day of the week plus a circle tab to put it on
Step 6:
Glue the letter to the circle punch allowing the metal to stick out as a border. Spray clear acrylic sealer over each letter to help with fingerprints and food.
Step 7:
Glue magnets to the back of each day
Step 8:
For the word MENU, repeat step 6
Step 9:
Center them on the top of the chalkboard after you have put it back into the frame and hot glue them in place.
Step 10:

Place the days of the week on and fill in your menu.. You are ready to use it!!
(This post was originally on my other blog)

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