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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 111-135

Multiple Blessings, One blessing @ a time

111. watching my daughter enjoy cooking for the family
112. watching my two boys make lunches while Momma has been sick
113. my hubby taking care of me these past four days while I've been sick
114. hot baths when your body aches from sickness
115. hot showers to help relieve the congestion
116. energy to do my review while I was sick
117. my upcoming books to read and review in February
118. doing our taxes because is shows that we have a job to support our family
119. the library, to help in the cost of homeschooling
120. getting school done in a timely manner
121.being able to rest these past four days while I've been sick
122. my DD11 making tea for me everyday this week
123. watching my DS9 make his Pinewood Derby 'schoolbus' w/ his daddy
124. daddy being able to stay home to take him to his car race since Mom was sick
125. the excitement of him racing his school bus
126. being sick so I can see how grateful I am for the family I have
127. the energy to go grocery shopping when I thought I had none
128. the melting snow
129. the warmer temps
130. listening to my boys playing together
131. my daughter doing the dishes without needing to ask her
132. having my boys do their chores without having to ask
133. feeling better
134. really soft Kleenex tissue
135. friendships

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  1. Get well soon!!! The Lord says to be grateful in all things. I think you have hit on the reason why, when we are down and out, we see our loved ones step up to help us.


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