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Friday, January 14, 2011

One Thousand Gifts- 61-80

Multiple Blessings, One at a time...

61. getting a card from my hubby to tell me I am appreciated.
62. exercising at the gym
63. taking Zumba classes and meeting new people
64. exercising with friends and my daughter
65. making wholesome meals for my family
66. making bread from scratch
67. listening to the kids desiring to eat fruit and veggies
68. sore muscles, knowing I worked hard
69. healthy horizons F/T that is helping teach me to be mindful of our health
70. watching my oldest son earn his yellow belt in Martial Arts
71. my hubby's 38th birthday
72. the delicious carrot cake I made for his bday.. mmmm
73. the happy smile on his face when we came to his work to surprise him w/ the cake
74. the friendship I am forming with my workout buddy and her family
75. being a part of the TOS Crew this year
76. the wonderful reviews I've been given at the perfect time
77. my daughter's desire to make dinner
78. my husband's hard work at his job so he can provide for our family
79. listening to my youngest son read aloud
80. seeing the huge smile on my oldest son's face after he completes his schoolwork for the day.

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