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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 191-245

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

191. watching my daughter dress up for her first prom
192. daughter getting her hair done at the salon for her prom
193. being able to share in her prom experience
194. making a masquerade cake
195. safe travels to Michigan on our vacation
196. seeing cousins for the first time
197. watching my son make a birdhouse with his grandpa
198. spending time with my father in law for the first time
199. seeing Mount Rushmore through the eyes of a child
200. seeing Michigan lighthouses for the first time
201. touching Lake Huron and collecting sand
202. touching Lake Michigan and collecting sand
203. enjoying Mother's Day with cousins in Michigan
204. catching my first Michigan fish
205. watching my youngest catch 4 fish.. His first ever!
206. driving to see Oscoda, MI
207. seeing a dear friend after 3 yrs
208. having the money needed to take a trip across country
209. hubby being able to take two weeks off for the trip
210. watching my daughter's big grin as we go through Mt Rushmore Caves
211. collecting pressed pennies on our journey
212. seeing Colonial Michilimackinac and enjoying the Fort all to ourselves
213. walking around the entire border of the Devil's Tower
214. watching my two boys earn their Ranger badge
215. walking through the streets of Deadwood, SD and watching my kids see history come alive
216. walking through the ghost town Fayette and thankful it didn't rain on us
217. seeing hundreds of barns on our drive through Wisconsin
218. having my hubby help with driving over 3000 miles
219. the Lego Store at Mall of America
220. the Rainforest Cafe at Mall of America
221. 1880's Town in South Dakota.. Seeing the 1880's live and in person.
222. seeing the smiles on my daughters' face when we went to the Corn Palace, SD
223. knowing that Crazy Horse is being built by one devoted family and not the government
224. finishing up another school year with success
225. son finishing up his elementary school career
226. making a graduation cake for my son's 6th grade graduation
227. seeing his surprise when he saw it was for him
228. seeing my daughter complete her first year of homeschooling
229. hubby coming home from a three week work deployment to Arizona
230. green grass
231. working sprinkler system in the back to simplify watering the lawn
232. lawnmower that works
233. helping hands to pluck weeds to prepare for our garden
234. willing hands to assemble the garden boxes
235. watching the garden grow
236. hubby putting together watering buckets to simplify watering the garden
237. homemade iced decaf coffee
238. curriculum for 2011-2012 purchased
239. nature studies
240. 'Created for Work' book to read to my son
241. my gym membership..
242. being healthy enough to workout
243. my tendon healing
244. homemade chocolate chip cookies straight from the freezer
245. making new friendships

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