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Monday, November 14, 2011

One Thousand Gifts 350-369

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

350. getting my very first deer hunting license
351. shooting my very first deer on the first shot
352. hubby shooting a buck the following weekend
353. having almost 100 lbs of venison to feed our family this winter
354. having friend time while our kids play together
355. watching a new friendship blossom and grow and nuturing an old one
356. having friends volunteer to watch kiddos so you can have an anniversary date
357. 14 yrs of marriage
358. cooking my very first venison meal & loving it
359. making apple pies for neighbors & friends
360. Saturday church service
362. family game night playing Yahtzee and Wits and Wagers Family until almost midnight
363. Veteran's Day- thanking all the serviceman & woman including my hubby
364. making an anniversary cake for my hubby as a surprise
365. losing more weight and feeling great
366. being able to run longer distances without injury
367. our first snowfall
368. cuddling up on the couch warm while the cold wind whips outside
369. reading about Montana history

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