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Thursday, January 5, 2012

All About Running

I'm really happy with my progress in running. I've mentioned before that I started last December 2010 but had an injury that stopped me from running for about 3 months. End of March until mid June. I've been improving on time and distance and can now run more than 3 days a week without feeling pain in my ankle.

Back in October I did a 3.5 mile race called What Women Want Fun Run.. You can read about my post HERE. I wanted to know how far I've come since then so I chose to run 3.5 miles today to see what my time was. Back in October at the race my time was 49:59. Today I ran 3.85 miles so a little more than the race and did it in 38:10.. This is quite the improvement.

I am also working on interval running. Back in October I was only running about 4.8 mph. Now I can easily run 5.5 mph and more depending on the day... (smiles)... With my interval running I start out at 5.5 mph on the treadmill, I run regular for 2/10th of a mile, then 1/10th of a mile I speed it up to 6.2 mph. Then go back to 5.5 mph. I do this for a mile. Somedays it feels great to really stretch your legs on the 6.2 mph like I did today. A couple days ago that was very hard. I guess I'm starting to get used to it. I just needed to change up my running so I am always improving and never staying stagnant.

Not sure when I'll be able to run a marathon but I'd like to do that someday.. Right now my goal is to run a 10K.. I'm working towards that now. I have been able to run 4 miles which is a huge improvement over a short period of time. My next race in March will be a 4 mile race so that's what I'm training for.

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