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Monday, January 2, 2012

Running for 2012

I've been running for a year now. I started back in late December 2010. It was a VERY slow start though as my mind was more ready to run than my physical body was. I ended up injuring my tendon in one leg in January and then the other in March. I was down for about two months after that to heal..

I then had to start running slowly once I no longer felt pain in my tendons because I didn't want to injure it again. It was painful! Around late Summer have I really been able to run more regularly. At least 3 days a week and some weeks more than that. I love running. I now can run 4 miles w/out much issue..

I am trying to run outside as much as I can and stay off the treadmill when possible. The weather has been awesome here in Montana this Winter.. Warm weather in the 40's, 50's and maybe tomorrow a 60 degree day.. I am taking advantage of this because I am sure snow will be in the future and I will be back in the gym running..

Running outside is helping me condition for some races I would like to participate in this year. The first one is coming up in March. The St Patrick's Day race. I did this in 2010.. My very first ever race. I ran the 2 mile race part, but this year I want to race the 4 mile one. The second race is the Ice Breaker. I would like to run the 5 mile for that but we will see.. This is in April.

I've decided to log in my miles for this year to see how many I can run. I haven't set a goal yet but I like to.. I'll have to calculate what I'd like to run but for now I am calculating it on a ticker in the sidebar of this blog. So far I've ran 7.75 miles this year.. Yesterday was 4.5 miles and today was 3.25 miles.. I think I'm off to a great 2012 running year..

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