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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Thousand Gifts 430-450

Multiple Blessings, One Blessing @ a Time

430. My oldest son taking Hunter's Safety Course to learn to hunt with us come fall.
431. Planning my son's 13th birthday celebration
432. seeing myself slip into a size 8 pants from a size 14
433. seeing myself slip into a size 4/6 top when it was 12/14.
434. running my first 5K race for 2012 in 38:08 min
435. celebrating 1 yr of running
436. running my first 10K around the house
437. Hitting my 30 lb weight loss goal
438. re-organizing my house
439. having the $ needed to purchase new containers to organize my office
440. Snow on the first day of Spring
441. enjoying our curriculum after using it for 7 months!
442. being able to sell my older curriculum to purchase my new curriculum
443. seeing my boys cuddled together in the morning laughing
444. celebrating my son turning 13 (a teenager)
445. making his Tardis cake
446. decorating for his party!
447. watching him have fun with his friends
448. listening to the birds come to life and singing outside my window
449. celebrating Valentine's Day with my hubby with a romantic weekend!
450. MyFitnessPal- being able to track my calories/weight loss progress online

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