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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Co-op Decision

A couple months ago we decided that we wanted to join our local co-op. We signed up, and then purchased the necessary curriculum to make it work starting the Monday after Labor Day. We were excited about taking this new adventure in our homeschooling. So why am I writing about this topic again?

Well, after a lot of prayer we decided it wasn't right for us after all. Last year we decided to take on a new way of homeschooling by changing our curriculum. With my youngest we started Heart of Dakota which I fell in love with from the start. We really want to continue with that.. ALL OF IT! This is a complete curriculum so there really isn't room to add anything else.

Also with my middle child DS13 he's been our guinea pig as far as homeschooling has gone over the years as he was our first to start. Well, last year 2011-2012 we found something that we liked and worked for him. I don't want to change anything. Mainly because it disrupts the way he learns if I change anything and I just can't do that anymore. So with the words of my wise husband "Don't fix something that's not broken", we've decided to keep everything the way it is.

I truly feel at peace with this decision. I've been back and forth for to long trying to make the co-op work for us and ultimately God has other plans for our home and our schooling. We are now finalizing some things since I had to put things aside to make the co-op work. I had to exchange a couple things as far as curriculum and then we'll be back on track.. It's coming along nicely and look forward to starting our school year mid August..

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