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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life As We Know It..

I haven't been blogging much this Summer. One big issue was and still is getting my photos on my blog posts. I use Photobucket to store my photos and I have been having a ton of issues getting their new software to load so I can add watermarks to my pictures. It's been a VERY slow process and very frustrating at the same time. So with that, I've been hesitant to sit down and write up a post and not be able to get my photos added.

We've been plugging along here at our house just enjoying the sun and warm temps here in Big Sky Country. It's been in the 90's for most of July but we have a nice breeze and a little break from the heat today which is in the mid 80's. We've pretty much kept close to home this Summer. Hubby built an additional shed and is almost complete. Just need to add a bit of siding to the front and paint it. I would like to post pics of it when he's fully done. fingers crossed..wink...

My daughter arrived back in mid June and we've been really enjoying her stay here. She toured a couple of colleges here in town and she's looking into dual enrolling for the Fall at the College of Technology for her Senior year, while homeschooling. She only needs a couple credits to graduate so she'll spend most of her time doing college classes. It's a great opportunity for her. It's a lot cheaper to go this route while she's still attending high school and will be able to get some basic classes for college out of the way for when she starts full time in the Fall of 2013.

We also have her looking and filling out applications for her first job and back on Saturday she opened up her first checking account. She's growing up right before my eyes and I'm so blessed to be able to see all of this. I've missed so much of her life as she lived with her father for many years in another State. I'm just so happy that God is blessing my family and that she will be with us this year. I just pray now that she will be able to find the right classes that will fit for her career, whatever that may be and whatever she chooses. She's still undecided but that's ok. I feel this year with her dual enrollment will allow her to get her feet wet and look into something that interests her at a fraction of the cost of full time college.

I still will have her look into as many scholarships she can apply for this year to help with her full time school in the Fall 2013 if that is the path she chooses for herself. She will be 18 already in October.. WOW! Where has the time gone..

Other than this, we've been pretty quiet around here. I just now got all my copies made for my folders I'm putting together to organize my homeschooling better for this year. I found some areas that needed adjusting to streamline my school day and will get this all finished up hopefully by tomorrow so I can set this all aside until school officially starts here on August 20th. I hope to post about my organization once I've completed it all..

Sorry I haven't posted much. I hope to get more posts in as the Summer winds down and I don't have so much to do outside keeping the grass green, helping with projects etc..

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