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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Did you Say Roadtrip?

I've been a bit preoccupied with life and haven't been on here posting stuff. I have a lot I'd like to add all the way back from August but photobucket has been giving me a tremendous amount of issues with uploading my photos that I've held off.

School is going great. We are finishing up our sixth week already. I have some pics of our school projects we've been working on. I hope to get them posted soon. My daughter started her college class and she's really enjoying that. Also with the start of school came the Bible in 90 Days challenge. This time I'm reading it chronologically. I have been meaning to post about it but really haven't had much time to devote to blogging right now. I am on schedule so I'm really happy with that and plus I'm REALLY enjoying this way of reading the bible. The stories unfold to me in such detail being able to read it as a timeline.
My husband went on a work trip the first day of school back on August 20th and was gone until September 5th. Well, now he is needing to return back to Arizona for another trip, same place as before, but the best part is we are going with him. Hubby will be flying out as required by his work and the kids and I will be driving down. We leave in 4 short days. Not a lot of time to plan this long three states away trip but we are looking forward to getting out of dodge... We haven't really done much this Summer so this trip is well received in our family.
We've decided NOT to stop school. If we do then we would have to school through Christmas and we just don't want to do that. Since we are tagging along with my hubby on this trip, we will do our schoolwork while he's at work and then enjoy the rest of the day going to see awesome places.. We will be in Tucson, AZ and then as we head home we will be visiting the Grand Canyon.. We've never been there so we are excited about seeing it in person. We plan to visit a zoo, an observatory, Tombstone, Old West Studio where they film old west movies/TV shows, Airplane Museum, desert museum and also do some hiking to check out Arizona up close. This is just a few places we plan to visit that I can remember off the top of my head. We are excited..
I hope to post on them w/ photos as we go, but if I don't get them on during our trip, I will definitely show them after we return.. Now off to check things off my to do list and prepare for our departure.. Road Trip 2012 begins in T-Minus 4 days....Until then.....

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  1. I will pray for your safety and hope you have a great time! What a wonderful last minute surprise for you all!

    IF you have time, there use to be San Xavier Mission, an old mission house/church you could tour.


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