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Monday, December 31, 2012

52 Books in 52 Weeks Wrap Up

It's the last day of the year already! WOW! Where has the time gone. I'd like to write up a little wrap up post for my 52 Books in 52 Weeks challenge. I've been writing down the books I read since 2009. In 2010, I saw this challenge online and decided to take it. I read 57 books that year. In 2011, I also read 57 books. Pretty consistent huh? Well, 2012, was a little different. Doing really well most of the year and then we went on vacation to Arizona for 18 days and didn't get a minute to read so that was over 2 weeks of NO reading.. ick.. I know, that was hard! So the final countdown for 2012 is 50 books. I missed it by 2 books.. I tried too. I was reading two books at a time to try to make it but in the end I just didn't have enough hours in the day to read, school, and be a mom.. I am currently half way through 2 books but I'm not going to count them as 2012 books since I didn't get them finished by today. I'm happy with the progress and look forward to beating it in 2013. I will have two books to add to 2013 hopefully by weeks end!! YEH!
Here is the list of the books I read in 2012:
1. "The Maid of Fairbourne Hall" by Julie Klassen
2. "The Accidental Bride" by Denise Hunter
3. "Love Blooms in Winter" by Lori Copeland
4. "In Too Deep" by Mary Connealy
5. "How to Have a H.E.A.R.T For Your Kids" by Rachael Carman (non fiction)
6. "Every Body Matters" by Gary Thomas (non fiction)
7. "Winter Promise" by Martha Rogers
8. "An Amish Family Reunion' by Mary Ellis
9. 'Song of My Heart' by Kim Vogel Sawyer
10. 'Six Ways to Keep the "Good" in Your Boy' by Dannah Gresh (non fiction)
11. 'Twilight's Last Gleaming' by Robert Jeffress (non fiction)
12. 'Chasing the Sun' by Tracie Peterson
13. 'Missing' by Shelley Shepard Gray
14. 'Always the Designer, Never the Bride' by Sandra D. Bricker
15. 'The Fiddler' by Beverly Lewis
16. 'Her Restless Heart' by Barbara Cameron
17. 'Need You Now' by Beth Wiseman
18. 'Prize of My Heart' by Lisa Norato
19. 'The Anniversary Waltz' by Darrel Nelson
20. 'Mary's Blessing' by Lena Nelson Dooley
21. 'After All' by Deborah Raney
22. 'Touching the Sky' by Tracie Peterson
23. 'Love in Disguise' by Carol Cox
24. 'Short Straw Bride' by Karen Witemeyer
25. 'The Search' by Shelley Shepard Gray
26. 'The Betrayal' by Diane Noble
27. 'His Steadfast Love' by Golden Keyes Parsons
28. 'Inescapable' by Nancy Mehl
29. 'The Deposit Slip' by Todd M. Johnson
30. 'My Dearest Naomi' by Jerry & Tina Eicher
31. 'Almost Amish' by Kathryn Cushman
32. 'A Promise for Miriam' by Vannetta Chapan
33. 'Over the Edge' by Mary Connealy
34. 'Healing Love' by Laura Hilton
35. 'The Face of Heaven' by Murray Pura
36. 'Living in Harmony' by Mary Ellis
37. 'Found' by Shelley Shepard Gray
38. 'The Bridesmaid' by Beverly Lewis
39. 'Unending Devotion' by Jody Hedlund
40. 'Mother of Pearl' by Kellie Coates Gilbert
41. 'Hidden in the Heart' by Cathering West
42. 'Susanna's Christmas Wish' by Jerry S. Eicher
43. 'A Wild Goose Chase Christmas' by Jennifer AlLee
44. 'Widow's Redeemer' by Philippa Jane Keyworth
45. 'Accidentally Amish' by Olivia Newport
46. 'A Lancaster County Christmas' by Suzanne Woods Fisher
47. 'Christmas at Harrington's' by Melody Carlson
48. 'Amelia's Journey' by Martha Rogers
49. 'Twelve Months' by Steven Manchester
50. 'Full Disclosure' by Dee Henderson
Here is the list of the 50 books I've completed this year. I think I did really well in finding new authors to read. I'm actually pretty happy with the number of non fiction books I read this year as I tend to just spend most of my time reading fiction. I do want to thank the book publishers I review for that have provided me with a large amount of the books I read this past year.. Reviewing has allowed me to read new authors and find new favorites that I wouldn't of known before.. It's great!
Over at the 52 Books in 52 Weeks blog they have other challenges to participate in. One that caught my eye for 2013 is reading a book that has a movie called Book Verses Movie. I would like to try to take that challenge alongside the 52 books challenge! I have at least two books I'd like to read and watch the movie one so we will see how this goes..

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