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Friday, December 7, 2012

Growing Up

Yesterday I posted that my daughter had a job interview and that they were going to make their decision by next week and give her a call either way. Well, she got a phone call today and got the job.. I'm so proud of her. Her very first job and she was jumping for joy when she found out. She went into her room while taking the call and then she barreled around the corner with a high pitched squeal screaming she got the job! Scared me into next week but after I was able to regain my heart rate I was jumping for joy with her..
With a job, she can now focus on getting her driver's license. I told her that she needed a job to pay for insurance before we even thought of getting it. Now it's more of a reality than a dream for her so she's really happy about that too!
 Everything is coming together for her through God's plan for her life. I'm actually really enjoying watching my children grow up to be responsible adults, getting a job, getting her license and applying and attending college. My baby is growing up.

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