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Monday, December 31, 2012

Running in 2012

It's the last day of 2012 and time to assess how I did on my running adventure. I had high hopes at the beginning of the year thinking I could hit 600 miles. I'm sure I probably could of hit that mark if I continued on my half marathon journey but I stepped away from the vigorous running schedule after my 10K sometime in July because I felt I was only running to race and that wasn't my goal. My desire is to run because I want to run, not because I need to know how fast or overly push myself for unattainable goals.
Running to me is a joy but I made it feel like a chore and it took on a new meaning so I had to step away. I went a couple months with only running 6-8 miles but that's ok. I'm ready to put my shoes back on and get out on the road again. Well, the treadmill for now since I live MT.. I'm looking forward to running again. I don't regret setting it aside because I needed to get my groove back.
So how did I do? Not 600 miles but I did make it to 444 miles. Not bad! When two years ago I would of said I was crazy to even run 1 mile and I did 444 of them instead..I'm not sure what I want for a goal this year. I think I'm just going to get out there and just run. I'll still write down how many miles I run to see how I did one year from today but I'm not going to worry so much about it.
I hope to run some races next year. Probably the St Patrick's Day 5K again. I've ran in it for the past two years. (it was my very first race ever running back in 2011), Will also try to run in the Icebreaker.. maybe make that the 5 mile instead of the 3 miler.. I ran that race for the 1st time this past year and did it without stopping. All 3 miles.. It was my best race.. I may run the 10K again to in May to see how well I can do. but we will see..
Not sure about the half marathon yet. I had a running partner this past year helping me run and talk and it was great! She had a goal to run a marathon and completed that goal back in September.With her guidance and encouragement she helped me train for the half marathon, until I felt overwhelmed by the running schedule. I got up to running 9 miles and then I just felt burnt out and had to stop. I couldn't remember anymore why I was running! I never wanted to run for the race but to run for fitness and to help me feel better about ME. I lost that along the training route!
So I just have to stop for a minute and realize that I love to run.. so that's what I'm going to do.. just run and leave everything else where it is and if it fits when I get there, then I'll add it in..!

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