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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

7 Day Detox Tea- Wrap Up

I finished the detox tea a few days ago. Been busy with our remodel and didn't get a chance to post here about it. It looks like I lost 2 lbs this week. I may have lost a little more but things of the female nature has made it a little harder to judge at the moment so we will see..
Ultimately, I would recommend this detox tea because it really got me back into drinking water regularly throughout the day. 100 ounces is a lot of water and now that I'm back to drinking my normal 64 oz it seems like I'm not really drinking a lot.. Feels kind of funny actually..
If you are interested in trying the detox tea it's easy to make..
100 oz of water
2 TBS lemon water
1TBS of Cranberry Juice
1 Tea bag of Dandelion Root Tea (Steep for at least 15 min)
That's it. Drink it for 7 days.. 100 oz a day.. Even though it looks like only 2 lbs came off, I'm happy with that. My goal wasn't really weightloss for this but to get me into a healthy habit of drinking more water each day and this really did help. It also helped me get off my butt and get to the gym or outside running. I worked out everyday while drinking the detox tea.. I'm happy that I'm now more active then I've been since my trip to Arizona back in October. It just feels so great to be moving again..

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