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Monday, March 11, 2013

Things Right Now...

Well, it's been a very busy time at our house since mid January. We started our remodel then and chaos has been here ever since. We've got a LOT done but still have a LOT to do.. I have a lot of pictures to show but will post those hopefully this week. I just felt like adding an update on what we are doing right now.
First off, I can't believe we are in Week 27 in our schooling.. Just 8 more weeks until Summer Break. This Mama is very happy about that one.. We plan on taking a week off for Spring Break here in a couple weeks and during that time I'll be painting our kitchen cabinets.. Fun times.. oh ya!!
My daughter is graduating on May 18th. I am throwing her a big party so the prepping has begun on that. I feel sometimes like I'm planning a wedding but it's all good. Right now just trying to find a place to host it since I don't want everyone traipsing through our house. I started looking into decorations and such so we are moving along nicely..
The remodel is going well too.. Back in late January we started the kitchen/dining room remodel. What we've done so far is:
  • Wallpapered entire kitchen
  • Put up wainscoting and chair moulding
  • Painted entire kitchen
  • Put in new wood flooring and floor moulding
  • Put up crown moulding
  • Painted all moulding and sealed them all
  • Put in new light fixture above kitchen sink
  • Ordered new light fixtures for kitchen to replace our florescent lights (will arrive Thursday)
  • Put in new light switch covers and plug covers
  • Made a Roman Shade for kitchen window
  • Replaced trim around window and added new windowsill
  • Painted window trim and seal
  • Replace counter tops
  • Paint all the cabinets and replace hardware
  • Install new light fixtures when they arrive
  • Scrape popcorn out of the skylight area and paint
  • Replace skylight (we will be doing this, this Summer)
  • Wainscoting on bottom half of walls
  • Put up chair moulding, painted it all and sealed it
  • Painted wainscoting and upper portion of walls
  • Added new crown moulding, sealed it all
  • Replaced all the trim around our 3 windows
  • Replaced windowsills in all 3 windows
  • Painted all window frames
  • Made 3 Roman Shades for all 3 windows
  • Put in wood floors
  • New baseboard trim and painted
  • Replaced all door moulding to bedrooms and laundry room entrances that are adjacent to room
  • Install new light fixture over kitchen table (already purchased)
  • Hang picture collage on wall ( purchased new frames)
So that is what we've done so far and what we have to do to finish up Phase One of our remodel.
When this is all said and done we still have three bathrooms and our laundry room to remodel. I may put this next phase off until after my daughter's graduation. Her prom and graduation are coming up here soon and need to spend some time getting this all planned and organized. I am making all her announcements by hand so need to get started on that..
Outside of home remodel and graduations, I signed up for my first race of 2013. It's this Saturday.. A 5K. This is the first ever race I ran back in 2011. It has some sentimental value to me now. This will be my 3rd time running it. It's called the St. Patty's Day Dash.. I've been working hard getting myself back up to running 3 milers. I ran a 2 miler a couple days ago without stopping. I'm still having issues with my foot going numb. I've tried all the techniques out there but still having issues. It might be that my stride is causing it so I need to work on it. It happens between 1.5 and 2 miles.. It's a mystery to me thus far.. I would LOVE to run this race w/out stopping. I know I can get up to 2.5 miles so we will see if I can swing the whole 3.2 and pray I don't have issues with my foot. That's what is causing me to stop because it allows blood back to my foot.. It's frustrating to say the least....
My middle child will be turning 14 on Thursday.. DS13.. I just can't believe how fast they are growing up. We weren't going to have any fancy parties this year to keep things simple because of the remodel etc which he is totally ok with. The good news is I have family coming from out of state to visit this weekend so we are waiting until Friday to celebrate. I'm making him a guitar cake. I pray it turns out.. He is learning how to play the guitar and loves it so far so I hope he will like the cake I'm making him. It's a surprise!!!
Well, that's it for now. I will post pictures of our home progress here soon...

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